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Baron Davis: Friends In High Places

By Nick Margiasso IV

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last week, we saw Baron Davis head for the glitz and glamor of Los Angeles on his comeback trail only to get blinded by the lights of reality.

In the latest edition of the ongoing saga on his comeback attempt to the NBA, Baron’s latest taste of being back in the big time comes from friends (and foes) Spike Lee and Reggie Miller

VIDEO: Baron Davis hits N.Y. on comeback trail

Love’s 30-30 told by Walt Clyde Frazier

by Adena Andrews

Kevin Love‘s 30-30 night was truly historical but what made it even more enjoyable was narration by the league’s most eloquent color analyst, Walt “Clyde” Frazier. If you watched on NBA League Pass (which is still available for a low, low price, BUY NOW!), the game was called by Frazier and you probably had to pull out your thesaurus to understand what was going on. We here at All Ball thought we’d give our vocabulary a work out and recap last night — Frazier style.

In a truly serendipitous night, Kevin Love conveyed a grandiloquent, slam-tastic presentation of 30-for-30 (31 points and 31 rebounds) in front of a boisterous Minnesota multitude. New York’s defense was hushed and crushed by Love, who seized approximately 1.29 rebounds for each minute of participation.  An omnipotent performance of this temperament has not occurred since 1982 by Moses Malone.

“My dad always said if you can’t get close enough to the basket throw it up there and get the rebound like Moses Malone,” Love declared.

In factual Knickerbocker methodology, New York permitted a 21-point third-quarter lead to dissipate. In all actualization, Love pontificated his individual astounding rebounding evening.

“K-Love just whispered in my ear and said, ‘I’m going for 30 tonight.’ I was like 30 what? I didn’t know he had 18 at the time,” Minnesota bruiser Michael Beasley affirmed.

Scintillating, smoldering presentations of this nature should be no revelation for the ostentatious center of Minnesota, who dispatched a 23-point, 24-rebound contest three nights ago against the reigning champion Lakers.

Not to be deprived of his appreciation, dedication and admiration, Beasley perpetuated a sizzling, scorching and slashing scoring streak by dropping 35 points subsequent to a career-high 42-point deed against the Kings on the left coast.

The dynamic, dishing and dunking duo of Love and Beasley will make its next manifestation on the hardwood of the Highlight Factory in Atlanta on Sunday.

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Muscle men

by Micah Hart

Indiana's Roy Hibbert, before and after losing 23 pounds

It’s something you hear every single year in preseason – how this player or that player has either added or dropped x amount of weight over the summer, making them either bulkier (and ready to play a stronger, more physical game) or sleeker (and ready to get up and down the court more quickly and with added agility).

So which players went which direction this offseason? Fortunately, SLAM’s Lang Whitaker (who also co-hosts the Hang Time Podcast) did the dirty work for us, compiling his annual Muscle Watch list of the players whose body mass made the biggest moves. Some highlights:

– The Knicks’ Anthony Randolph put on more weight this summer, bringing him up to about 225, which is amazingly 50 pounds heavier than he was when he came into the league.

– Lakers rookie Derrick Caracter left college tipping the scales at 305, but worked all summer with a trainer to get down to 265.

– Bobcats’ PG DJ Augustin added five pounds. That doesn’t sound like much, but DJ ain’t the biggest cat around. By the way (Texas homer alert), I think he’s going to surprise people in Charlotte this season.

What did you do in your offseason?

Muscle Watch 2010 (SLAM Magazine)

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