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Nik Stauskas has an interesting TV show

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It hasn’t been a great 24 hours for the Philadelphia 76ers, with GM Sam Hinkie resigning last night. But here’s something to put a smile on the face of Sixers fans: Nik Stauskas teamed up with one of the Sixers’ in-arena hosts and went to Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia to mess around with strangers. Don’t fall asleep in public! You could end up on SixersTV…


Nik Stauskas can name a lot of rappers

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We may have to start a new category here on the All Ball blog for in-arena entertainment, because more and more teams are taking the funny videos they show on the scoreboard during games and putting them online for all the world to see. In this video from the Sixers, Hollis Thompson and Nik Stauskas are each put to the test and given 15 seconds each to name as many rappers as they can. Sounds simple, but with that clock ticking and the pressure on, I’m sure it’s harder than it sounds. That said, impressive showing from Stauskas…

VIDEO: Sixers rappers

Philadelphia 76ers have some novel food truck ideas

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Food trucks are a big deal of late in the culinary world, a way for chefs to put their best dishes on wheels and take the food to the people. So the Philadelphia 76ers asked a couple of their players — Nik Stauskas (a.k.a. Sauce Castillo) and Hollis Thompson — what kind of food trucks they would come up with if they had to make their own food truck. And let’s just say they had some pretty creative answers…

VIDEO: 76ers Food Trucks

Paul George drops Nik Stauskas with crossover

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — While we argue about how well Paul George‘s comeback is going, PG just keeps going out and putting up great performances.

And last night, when the Pacers played the Sixers, Paul George dropped Sixers guard Nik Stauskas with a nasty crossover dribble. Now, to be completely fair, if you look closely it appears that George steps on Stauskas’s foot, which is what causes Stauskas to fall like a tree. Still, George got ’em.

Nik Stauskas can shoot with anything

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — When you can shoot, you can shoot, regardless of the court, the defender, the rim, whatever. And as 76ers guard Nik Stauskas showed in a recent appearance on Canadian television, he can hit three-pointers even with a basketball. Volleyball, dodgeball, vegetable…doesn’t matter. Someone get a hand in his face!

VIDEO: Stauskas shoots

Nik Stauskas, weatherman?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — NBA players get into all kinds of things in the summer, from vacations to workouts to, sometimes, trying something completely new. Sixers guard (and Canada native) Nik Stauskas recently turned up at a Canadian television station and attempted something new: Being a weatherman. Let’s just say there’s room for improvement. Next time perhaps he should use his alter ego “Sauce Castillo,” which actually sounds like an Anchorman name…

VIDEO: Stauskas weather

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The Kings fill Nik Stauskas’ house with popcorn

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Rookies in the NBA get pranked, and a common form of pranking is the ol’ popcorn in the car trick. It’s safe, relatively easy to clean, and a good laugh for all involved.

But what if the rookie you are pranking doesn’t have a car? This is what happened in Sacramento, where rookie guard Nik “Sauce Castillo” Stauskas apparently does not drive and thus does not own a car. (That’s a whole other thing we could get into, but whatever.)

So instead of filling his car with popcorn, DeMarcus Cousins, Rudy Gay and Reggie Evans filled Stauskas’ apartment with popcorn…

VIDEO: Stauskas Popcorn

The Sacramento Kings taste Sauce Castillo hot sauce

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Sacramento Kings hosted Sauce Castillo night last week in honor of Nik Stauskas, and attendees were given a bottle of Sauce Castillo-branded hot sauce. But before giving it away, Stauskas and his teammate Jason Thompson gave it a taste to make sure it was up to par. Be careful Jason, it has a kick…

VIDEO: Kings taste test

The Sacramento Kings are having Sauce Castillo Night

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last week we celebrated the birth of a new nickname: Thanks to a typo and closed captioning, Sacramento Kings guard Nik Stauskas had somehow become known as Sauce Castillo. Next thing we knew, the Stauskas and the Kings were all in on this thing.

And now we may have reached peak Sauce Castillo. The Kings have announced that they are going to have a Sauce Castillo Night this weekend…

People at the game will receive a free bottle of hot sauce, and they’ll have Sauce Castillo t-shirts for sale in the team store. For all your Sauce Castillo needs, go here.

DeMarcus Cousins does a pretty good wildcat imitation

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The NCAA Tournament is down to the Final Four, which means there are just four teams remaining with a shot at winning college hoops’ big dance. One of those teams is Kentucky, the former school of Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins. The Kentucky mascot is a Wildcat, which we kind of take for granted, in the sense that I’m not sure if most people know what a wildcat actually sounds like. In this video from the Kings, a kid reporter asks Cousins (as well as Ryan Hollins, Ben McLemore and Nik Stauskas a.k.a. Sauce Castillo) to impersonate their college mascots, with mixed results…

VIDEO: Kings mascots