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Here’s why you should pay attention at an NBA game

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A long time ago, I was sitting courtside at a Mavericks game in Dallas, keeping my head down and doing my job. But I knew that sitting courtisde, I was always at risk for a collision — with a player, with a basketball, with a referee, whatever. And sure enough, eventually the ball finally came zooming at my head. I had a split-second to make one of two choices:
1. Try to catch the ball, with the possibility of either catching the ball or the ball banging off my hands and the crowd laughing at my poor catching skills.
2. Duck and let someone else deal with it.

I chose the second option, and the ball ended up hitting someone behind me. Still, because I was paying attention, I was able to get out of the way.

The lesson here, is that when you’re at an NBA game, if you’re sitting anywhere close to the court, it’s a good idea to always pay attention. Last night in Charlotte, where the Hornets were hosting the Sacramento Kings, a pass intended for Gerald Henderson, though he ended up letting it go — I guess he thought it was tipped — and the ball instead went directly into the face of a woman sitting behind the Charlotte bench who was checking her telephone. Here’s a wide look via GIF…


For a closer look, here’s a Vine, where it becomes clear that the people around her were pretty much no help at all. Even Noah Vonleh on the Hornets bench gives the ball a little side-eye as it flies past…

(The good news? Apparently she was able to laugh it off.)

The Charlotte Hornets perform “Piano Man”

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERBilly Joel will be performing a show in Charlotte in the Time Warner Cable Arena. To “welcome” him to town, several members of the Charlotte Hornets — Cody Zeller, P.J. Hairston, Jannero Pargo Brian Roberts and Noah Vonleh — put down a karaoke version of the song. I’m not sure if Billy Joel will carry on as planned after listening to this…

VIDEO: Hornets Sing

Noah Vonleh rocks old school Starter jacket

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Charlotte Hornets used the 9th pick in last night’s NBA draft on forward Noah Vonleh out of Indiana. And it didn’t take long for Vonleh to take to social media and show his happiness with becoming a member of the Hornets. Vonleh did this by posting a photo of himself wearing a Charlotte Hornets Starter jacket, which, back in the day, was one of the coolest sports apparel items any kid could own. After a big run a few decades back, Starter jackets fell out of popularity, and the Hornets left Charlotte and eventually stopped existing. But everything is cyclical, and now the Charlotte Hornets have returned, as are Starter jackets. Vonleh managed to hit the perfect combo last night.

NBA Rooks: Diaries … Noah Vonleh

VIDEO: Prospect Profile: Noah Vonleh

By Noah Vonleh, for

A week from today, I will actually be an NBA player. Wow. This is a lifelong dream of mine and it’s almost impossible to describe what it feels like now that it is about to come true.

The draft preparation process has been exciting, exhausting, interesting, challenging and inspiring.  My favorite part has been the different team workouts and having a chance to compete against some of the guys I played against in college.  Luckily, there have not been any surprises along the way.  I have been watching the NBA Draft Combine for years and I talked to some guys that have gone through this before, so I have pretty much known what to expect.

Now, I just have to finish up a few more workouts and head back to Boston for a few days where I hit another major milestone – getting my license!  Then I’ll be back in New York, getting ready for NBA Draft week.  I have a lot of family coming in, I think there will be over 30 people!  I have been talking to my family members almost every single day through the process, and I am really excited for them to be here to see my dream come true.  My cousin Jeremy was the one who got me started playing basketball, so it will be really special to have him there too.

At the top of my to-do list for the next week is perfecting my draft suit.  I do not want to be the guy everyone is talking about for the next few years because my style was off when I shook the commissioner’s hand. There is a lot of pressure here, but I have a great stylist and few ideas so I’m confident I won’t end up on the worst dressed list.

It’s hard to think about life after I get off that stage at Barclay’s Center, when I officially belong to an NBA team and can start working towards earning my spot on a roster.  I’ll probably take a quick trip home to see my friends for a little bit, but I am really looking forward to meeting with my new team and getting ready for Summer League.

I am excited, a little nervous, and don’t know what to expect, but for now I am just trying to soak everything in and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Follow me as I get ready for the NBA Draft at and @draftdreams and on Twitter @noahvonleh and Instagram @Nvonleh.

Noah Vonleh is a 6-foot-10 forward from Indiana. Follow him and other rookies all season long on NBA Rooks: Diaries …