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Stephen Curry Makes Rick Reilly Wear Nothing But Nets

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — OK, so maybe the headline is a little misleading. I mean, there is a point in this video where ESPN’s Rick Reilly, the 11-time NSSA Sportswriter of the Year, walks on camera wearing only a net, which thankfully covers the stuff nobody wants to see. Golden State G Stephen Curry eventually joins in as well, though he chooses to wear his net in a more modest toga-esque configuration.

How does all this come about? Reilly challenges Steph Curry to a shooting contest, with a wrinkle: Reilly shoots threes, Curry shoots from halfcourt. I think you can guess how it ends up.

Anyway, the key part of the headline is the phrase “Nothing But Nets.” Today is World Malaria Day, and it’s a perfect time to get the Nothing But Nets campaign on your radar. Nothing But Nets is a terrific organization dedicated to fighting malaria, which is a leading cause of death among children in Africa. Nothing but Nets wants you to give $10, which goes for “the cost of purchasing a long-lasting, insecticide-treated bed net, distributing it, and educating communities on its use.”

Take a few minutes, laugh at the video, then make a difference in someone’s life…