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OKC Thunder Demonstrate Rare, Perfect, Synchronized Flop

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Is it a flop or a foul?

On my initial viewing, I thought this was one of the greatest flops of all time: TWO people flopping, at the same time, at the same rate, with the same result (a charge is called on Omer Asik). After all, we’ve seen some pretty remarkable flops this season.

But when you see the overhead angle, I think it’s actually just really good defense by the Thunder, with a result that displays the terrific comedic timing of Kevin Martin and Derek Fisher…

The Season In Flopping

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Much has been made the last few years about flopping. The NBA’s full definition of a flop is here, but, loosely defined, flopping is when a player embellishes his movement in the hopes of influencing a call from a referee.

It is hard to make a blanket statement here, but for the most part, flopping is a bad thing. (It is hard for me to be completely objecting about this topic mostly because flopping was the part of the game I excelled at when I played in high school.) At its core, flopping is designed to trick the officials into giving you an unfair advantage.

The NBA recently announced that those caught flopping during the playoffs will be subject to a series of escalating fines designed to discourage this sort of behavior.

But perhaps the best way to publicly shame the floppers? Videos like the one below from Slate, set to appropriately dramatic music, highlighting the most egregious flops of the 2012-13 NBA season…

Conventional wisdom report: May 13th

by Micah Hart

Each day until the end of the NBA Finals, we’ll be taking a look at the conventional wisdom of the moment — which team is currently the favorite to win it all, and which team should be ashamed to still be putting on their jerseys.

Here’s how it looks on the morning of Friday, May 13.

Start planning the parade:

Chicago Bulls

Hawks fans may have winced at the beating they took at the hands of the Bulls last night in Game 6 (I know I did), but the other team doing a little shifting in their seats had to have been the Miami Heat. By turning aside the surprisingly competitive Hawks, the Bulls now set their sights on finishing what they started in the regular season — beating the Heat.

The Heat dropped the Celtics in five games, but they only faced a healthy Rajon Rondo for a little over two of those, and that series might have been a little different had Dwyane Wade not KO’d his elbow.

Miami won’t be so lucky in the next round against Derrick Rose and company. Have you seen the point guard production from Miami in this postseason? I mean, have you seen it? You probably haven’t, because it’s been pretty much invisible.

If any defense is going to slow down the LeBronD-Wade train, it belongs to Chicago. As we saw over the past few games against Atlanta, the Bulls’ depth will continue to give Chicago the upper hand as players get more and more exhausted. Plus we all know the affect Omer Asik has on Chris Bosh.

Give it up already:

Memphis Grizzlies

It’s been a wonderful run for the Grizzlies, but it ends tonight 10 feet off of Beale Street.

I don’t want to be the one to have to give the news to the fans at the local zoo…

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Don’t know about a thousand, but this picture talks, Part XI

by Zettler Clay

Last time the Sacramento Kings came to the United Center on Dec. 21, 2009, it wasn’t pretty. If you’re a Bulls’ fan that is. Derrick Rose and Co. blew a 35-point lead on the way to a 102-98 loss. Think that was forgotten by the Red and Black when the two teams met again last night?

Final score: Bulls 132, Kings 92.

Chris Bosh sprains ankle, worsens health by shoving foot in mouth

by Micah Hart

Chris Bosh had a rough start to the season. With Miami struggling out of the gate, a lot of the agitas was thrown his way, with people claiming he wasn’t as good as the other members of the SuperFriends, that he was soft, and that he couldn’t handle the increased pressure of performing in the spotlight.

Most of that was forgotten as the Heat shrugged off their mediocre 9-8 start by winning 21 of the next 22 games, and Bosh, by averaging 18.6 ppg and 8.2 rebounds, answered those criticisms.

Well, two of the three anyway.

Bosh is taking heat today for his postgame comments after Saturday night’s 99-96 loss to the Bulls in Chicago, a game in which Bosh appeared to hurt his ankle after Chicago’s Omer Asik accidentally rolled onto his leg chasing after a loose ball.

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, Bosh didn’t take too kindly to Asik’s tenacity:

“C’mon, that is how guys get hurt, that is how serious injuries happen. You’ve got to watch people’s legs. I know guys want to hustle and everything but we all want to play and provide for our families and have a job. …We all want to be healthy and that is very important. If it is by somebody’s leg, don’t dive for the ball, it’s too close.”

Needless to say, this has caused quite a bit of snickering on the Interwebs, with our own John Schuhmann leading the charge on Twitter:

@johnschuhmann “If it’s flu season, don’t defend me too tightly. That’s how germs are spread.” #chrisboshquotes

@johnschuhmann “If you cut back door, I might hurt my neck. That is how guys get hurt.” #chrisboshquotes

@johnschuhmann “If you might accidentally poke me in the eye, don’t try to block my shot. That’s how injuries happen.” #chrisboshquotes

Pretty funny stuff. By the way, here is the play in question — you be the judge if Asik is playing dirty or not:

I dunno — I understand Bosh wanting players to take care not to injure each other, but seems to me that diving after loose balls is what often separates winning from losing, or at least that’s what I’ve been led to believe by every single postgame press conference ever ever.

I don’t really think Bosh means to imply that players shouldn’t hustle for loose balls, and I am sure he’ll spin a different story when he is inevitably asked to comment on his comments in the next day or so. But it made for a few good chuckles on a basketball-lite Sunday, so as far as I’m concerned, it’s all good.

What do you think? Was Asik’s play fair or foul?

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