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Pokemon Go comes to NBA and Summer League

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Pokemon Go is one of the hottest mobile games out there, as people are glued to their phones more than ever before. And while I’ve apparently missed the boat on this one — I never played/watched Pokemon growing up, so the nostalgia is lost on me — NBA players and teams are apparently just like the rest of us and love playing the game…

Kid beats Russell Westbrook with halfcourt shot

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Since it’s summertime, NBA players are hosting eponymous basketball camps all around the world. And these things tend to devolve into a one-on-one contest between the NBA star and an unlucky camper. For instance, we already saw Aaron Gordon drop a camper, and James Harden embarrass another kid with a trick dribble.

So this time it was Russell Westbrook‘s turn, except things turned out differently this time. With the game tied at 2 and the game on the line, this camper named Kyle drove to the basket and saw his shot get blocked. He then decided to try the halfcourt jumper for the win, and Kyle managed to finally turn to tide for all the embarrassed campers out there…

Aaron Gordon drops camper with nasty crossover

By Jeff Case

The offseason is here in the NBA and the tradition of star players hosting camps (and victimizing campers who think they can guard them) has begun. We’ve already seen James Harden leave a poor camper’s ankles in shambles about a month ago. Now, Orlando Magic forward (and Slam Dunk Contest runner-up) Aaron Gordon is doing likewise …

Victor Oladipo does some NBA impressions

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Here’s Orlando Magic guard Victor Oladipo in Orlando for the Frank Vogel introductory press conference, showing off some of his best NBA impressions, including Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook. The hardest part of these impressions for me would be just making those shots. Nice work, Victor…

Aaron Gordon dunks on “Ellen”

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If you didn’t get enough of Aaron Gordon‘s incredible dunking ability a few weeks ago during the All-Star break, you’re not alone. And with the Magic on a West Coast road swing, Ellen DeGeneres invited Gordon to swing by her talk show and show off some more amazing dunks. Gordon did just that, even dunking on Ellen’s executive producer along the way. And to help heal the pain of that second-place finish in the dunk contest, Gordon gets his own trophy from Ellen…

VIDEO: Gordon/Ellen

D’Angelo Russell hits crazy trick shot

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERD’Angelo Russell has spent the majority of his rookie season on the Lakers’ bench, watching the action and biding his time. Recently, however, he’s moved into the starting lineup and has posted a couple of terrific performances. And while he’s been impressive on the floor, I’m not sure he’s done anything as impressive as this shot he got up last night before playing the Magic…

Andrew Bogut celebrates Steph Curry shot earlier than ever

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If there’s any player in the NBA whose shots are likely to go in, even before the shots have been released, that person is most likely Steph Curry. After all, Curry is making 51-percent of the three-pointers field goals he takes this season, and 46-percent of the three-pointers he attempts. So last night in the Warriors/Magic game, when Andrew Bogut tipped the ball out to an open Curry at the three-point line, it was a safe assumption that Curry would make the shot. But check out how early Bogut got his celebration on in this video: Bogut throws up his right hand and starts running the other direction before Curry has even taken the shot. Actually, he celebrates so soon that he almost contests Curry’s shot, and has to switch to a lefty celebration.

VIDEO: Bogut celebrates

Steph Curry gives shoes to fan in Orlando

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Fans of the Golden State Warriors come out to see them on the road everywhere they play. And if it wasn’t enough that Steph Curry went for 51 points last night in Orlando during the Warriors’ win over the Magic, but as Curry left the floor after the game, he picked out a fan celebrating a birthday and made sure his game-worn Under Armour kicks got hand-delivered…

Stephen Curry gave his autographed, game-worn shoes to a young fan for his birthday.

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ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Like we always do at this time, let’s take a look at the best instances of people getting #POSTERIZED over the last week and, at the bottom of the post, you can place your vote for a winner. And don’t forget, if you see someone get posterized, tweet it with the hashtag #POSTERIZED so we don’t miss it!

I missed last week’s #POSTERIZED poll because I was traveling, working on a cool piece for NBA TV (coming soon!). Which means more dunks than usual this week!

Let’s get to the dunks. Special shoutout to the previous winner, Sacramento’s Rajon Rondo!


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Like we always do at this time, let’s take a look at the best instances of people getting #POSTERIZED over the last week and, at the bottom of the post, you can place your vote for a winner. And don’t forget, if you see someone get posterized, tweet it with the hashtag #POSTERIZED so we don’t miss it!

By the way, welcome to 2016! I’m thinking we’ll continue with weekly #POSTERIZED polls until we get a little closer to the All-Star break, and then we’ll round up all the previous winners and crown a first half champ. We can do the same with the second half of the season, and then have a poll to select an overall winner as well.

Special shoutout to last week’s winner, Utah’s Alec Burks, as he goes for back-to-back wins this week. And let me say right here, I understand that Burks’ dunk this week generated some controversy — was it technically a dunk? Did he just throw the ball through the basket?

The beauty of the #POSTERIZED Poll is that it doesn’t even really matter. Did a player put someone else on a poster? Then that’s good enough for us!

OK, let’s get to the POSTERS…