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Pat Connaughton throws 90 MPH first pitch

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We can’t say that this is definitively the greatest ceremonial first pitch that anyone has ever thrown at a baseball game, but I can’t imagine anyone really topping this, especially another NBA player. It’s probably to be expected, since Portland guard Pat Connaughton played baseball (he was a pitcher) as well as basketball in college at Notre Dame, and was a fourth-round draft choice of the Baltimore Orioles. But he chose to chase basketball as a career, which means at this point he’s just a great amateur baseball player. So when his teammate Meyers Leonard hit 82 mph on his first pitch for the minor league Hillsboro Hops, and then talked trash about it? Well, as Connaughton says, he “woke the bear.” He may not throw a perfect strike, but any time you break 90 on the radar gun, that’s pretty impressive…

VIDEO: Connaughton pitch