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Summer time is for pick-up basketball

by Micah Hart


Tomorrow is the official start of summer, and with the NBA Finals fading into the distance and the Draft just a few days away, it’s about to be very quiet on the basketball front. If you want your basketball fix, you’re going to have to get it on your own, which means you should be heading out to your friendly local basketball court for some pick-up action.

Has it been awhile since you’ve laced ’em up and headed out to the blacktop? No worries. Over at SB Nation, Jon Bois has compiled a hilarious guide to the creatures you are bound to encounter on the court with his “Complete And Thorough Incompetence: Your Guide To The 2011 Pick-Up Basketball Season.”

Here’s a sample:

The low-percentage shot enthusiast

This fellow is capable of running, and he is also capable of dribbling a basketball, but doing both at the same time tends to be problematic for him. As such, even if the lane is wide open, he prefers to throw up a jumper from 20 feet away.

I’m afraid to admit I sometimes veer too close to another pick-up game staple elucidated by Bois, the “Guy who persistently sets needless picks”.

I’m just trying to help the team, y’know?

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