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Hornets GM tries eating scorpions, snake and other Shenzhen cuisine

By Jeff Case

The Charlotte Hornets recently completed their trip to China to take on the Los Angeles Clippers in a preseason game held at Shenzhen Universiade Center in Shenzhen, China. The trip was a success for the Hornets in the fact they won the game itself (106-94) and also in the fact they got to get to take in the local culture as well.

We showed you the video last week of Al Jefferson and Marvin Williams shopping in China, which is a must-see. Today, we bring you video of Hornets GM Rich Cho sampling the dining fare in Shenzhen.

Don’t ever call Cho timid about what he eats as he bravely samples scorpions, snake and other unique fare.

VIDEO: Rich Cho samples unique food in Shenzen




Rich Cho has other interests outside of basketball

by Micah Hart

Talking to my main man Sekou Smith yesterday about these crazy playoffs, and Sekou (who is covering the Mavs-Blazers series for mentioned that one thing he’s learned in being out in Portland is that the Blazers GM Rich Cho has other interests outside of basketball — namely, food. This was confirmed when I saw this video interview of Cho by Forbes Magazine (via Dime):

First off, I want to eat at whatever restaurant they are sitting at, because the food looks amazing.

Second, living in Atlanta, I’m going to have to give Verasano‘s another try. I went there the first week it opened and was unimpressed, but I imagine they were just working out the kinks.

By the way, Sekou ended up at some Italian restaurant where he had some sort of gnocchi with shredded goat meat that required the use of profanity to describe it was so good.

I may need to book a trip to Portland.

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