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Great debate: Rasheed vs. Mahorn

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERRasheed Wallace is on my short list of favorite NBA people of all time. I loved his game, sure, but I particularly loved his personality and spirit. And while he mostly eschewed interviews and the media while he was playing, many fans missed out on learning that Sheed was one of the more intelligent players of his generation — there’s a reason the Pistons hired him as an assistant coach as soon as he retired.

In this video from, we see Sheed and another former Piston, Rick Mahorn, argue over which Pistons team was better — the ’89 Bad Boys with Mahorn (a team the Pistons are honoring tonight), or the 2004 title team with Sheed. This is great…

VIDEO: Pistons debate

Kris Humphries Evokes Rick Mahorn

Any time you have Kris Humphries and Rick Mahorn in the same sentence, you know something special happened.

They couldn’t be more different, in perception and on-court presence. I mean, could you imagine this happening to the former Pistons and Sixers bruiser?

But that may not be completely fair. Humphries gives decent effort and has a knack for the timely defensive play or two. He didn’t disappoint Sunday night against his old team in Brooklyn. While the electricity pivoted around the return of Hall of Famers to-be Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, Humphries had his own bit of motivation and dipped into his old-school bag of tricks to make Mahorn proud:

VIDEO: Kris Humphries pulls out chair from Andray Blatche

Instead of being the post warrior, he was the post magician. It’s a brilliant maneuver and has a 100 percent success rate. How isn’t this move pulled off more? Perhaps because subterfuge in battle is most effective when used seldomly? I’m not sure, but it needs more application. The look on Andray Blatche’s face while looking at a fired-up Humphries from his keister afterward was priceless.

It’s fitting that Humphries’ poster mate Blake Griffin fell victim to the same tactic almost two years ago:

VIDEO: Al Harrington pulls seat from under Blake Griffin

Long live the old school.

NBA Style: Rick Mahorn Through The Years

NBA Style
By the Style Crew

On Friday night on NBA TV’s Game Time, guest analyst Baron Davis and the crew had fun with NBA great Rick Mahorn. Check out Mahorn’s style through the years, including some looks directly from his personal collection, and don’t forget to continue the conversation on Twitter using hashtag #NBAStyle

Rick Mahorn2 (more…)

Blake gets a dose of the old school

by Zettler Clay

As much as the NBA showcases larger-than-life athletic monsters on a given night, the line of demarcation between the showy and substance rests in the strategy.

Rick Mahorn demonstrated such a while ago.

Fast forward to Sunday night, when the Clippers visited the Nuggets in a matchup of two of the most exciting — if not up-and-coming — franchises in the league. Blake Griffin’s renowned power game has been duly noted by Al Harrington, who makes the proper adjustment.

Ouch. Insert another bullet point to the “defending Blake Griffin” scouting manual.

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