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Lopez Brothers right Star Wars wrong

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — At the end of the original Star Wars film, our heroes (Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Chewbacca) are presented with the esteemed Medal of Bravery from Princess Leia. Well, Han and Luke are presented with medals — Chewie isn’t actually given a medal, a move that angered many longtime Star Wars fans and has spawned countless memes.

Well, leave it to the NBA’s proudest nerds, Robin and Brook Lopez, to right this egregious wrong. This weekend at Disneyland, the Lopez brothers presented Chewie with his long-forsaken medal.

Seems like a proper time to repost this video, too…

Catching up with Brook Lopez

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Lopez twins are perennial favorites here on the All Ball blog, as they’re constantly involved in hijinks and shenanigans. But what have the Lopez brothers been up to this summer? caught up with Brook, who appears to have been all around the world this summer…

NBA teams celebrate May The 4th Be With You

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Today is May 4, which to a certain subset of people (including Brook and Robin Lopez, above) is better known as May The 4th Be With You, a day to celebrate all things Star Wars. And NBA teams, they’re just like us! Here’s how several teams celebrated the day on social media…


Kristaps Porzingis sings Happy Birthday to Robin Lopez

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Part of being a rookie in the NBA means having to do things for the veteran players — carrying luggage, bringing breakfast to practice, and, occasionally, singing. It was recently All Ball favorite Robin Lopez‘s birthday, and to celebrate the day in style, Knicks rookies Jerian Grant and Kristaps Porzingis were asked to give a postgame performance of “Happy Birthday.” As Porzingis says in this video captured by Kevin Seraphin, he gave it his all because that’s what he does…

Brook Lopez becomes latest Lopez in mascot battle

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We’ve faithfully chronicled the exploits of Knicks center Robin Lopez when it comes to mascots, as he has repeatedly found himself in physical altercations with our (usually) furry friends. Robin’s most recent mascot mixup came in Toronto, as he tangled with the Raptor.

Last night, perhaps to avenge the family name, Robin’s brother Brook, who has largely stayed above the mascot fray, was in Toronto and got into it with the Raptor…

Robin Lopez continues fight with The Raptor

By Jeff Case

For a few seasons running now, New York Knicks center Robin Lopez has been unabashed in his hatred of mascots, yes. But in particular, he’s had a special, dark place in his heart for the Toronto Raptors’ mascot, The Raptor.

The struggle as we’ve documented around these parts goes back at least 2 years. Last night, the Raptor went to an old trick — a piece of poster board with a list on it — and Lopez took the bait. It also ended a lot like that last poster board-fueled incident, too …

Amir Johnson blocks Robin Lopez’s shoe

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Boston Celtics signed Amir Johnson to help shore up their interior presence, and give them a rim protector. Last night against the Knicks, we discovered that Johnson’s defensive ability extends even to stopping a shoe belonging to Robin Lopez

Robin Lopez takes mascot battle to Milwaukee

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — According to this tweet from the New York Knicks, Robin Lopez is undefeated in his one man war against mascots. I don’t know how accurate this is — I seem to recall him on the losing end against Stuff in Orlando recently. Either way, Robin definitely got the better end of things in Milwaukee yesterday when he squared off against Bango…

Brook and Robin Lopez battle with lightsabers

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We know the Lopez brothers have an appreciation for science fiction and nerd culture, so what better way to have Brook and Robin Lopez promote the upcoming game matching their two teams, the Knicks and the Nets, than by giving the bros a couple of lightsabers and having them go at it? I love this so much, mostly because they get so into it and are clearly intensely focused on winning the imaginary lightsaber battle…

VIDEO: Lopez lightsabers

Robin Lopez asks Orlando mascot to bop him with a hammer

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We’ve seen Knicks center Robin Lopez attack mascots around the NBA, so with the Knicks in Orlando, Magic mascot Stuff went on the offensive. He had Lopez read from a series of cards that, at least if you close your eyes, ends with a request for stuff to hit him with a hammer. And so Stuff had no choice, really, other than to hit Lopez with a hammer.