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Cavs, Jazz celebrate Australia Day

By Jeff Case

The NBA is truly an international league, as 100 players from around the world were on opening-night rosters this season. Eight players in the NBA — Cameron BairstowMatthew Dellavedova, Kyrie Irving, Aron Baynes, Andrew Bogut, Patty Mills, Joe Ingles and Dante Exum — hail from Austraila.

Yesterday was Australia Day, and as such, players from the Cavs and Jazz took it upon themselves to celebrate it.

The Cavs went all-in on Australia day with Dellavedova, having him teach teammates some Australian words …

VIDEO: Dellavedova teaches teammates some Australian words

… and had him address the crowd before the game.

VIDEO: Dellavedova addresses the crowd

Cleveland also had Austrailan pop singer Cody Simpson sing the Australian National Anthem last night, too.

VIDEO: Cody Simpson sings Australian National Anthem

(For comparison’s sake, here is Starters co-host Leigh Ellis belting out the Australian National Anthem, too)

VIDEO: Leigh Ellis sings the Australian National Anthem

And, lastly, the Jazz had Ingles and Exum wish their fellow Australians well on the holiday. You’ve gotta love how Ingles does his best to troll Exum throughout the whole segment …

VIDEO: Exum, Ingles wish you a Happy Australia Day



ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Like we always do at this time, let’s take a look at the best instances of people getting #POSTERIZED over the last week and, at the bottom of the post, you can place your vote for a winner. And don’t forget, if you see someone get posterized, tweet it with the hashtag #POSTERIZED so we don’t miss it!

Let’s get right to it this week. Special shoutout to last week’s winner, Toronto’s DeMar DeRozan!

OK, let’s get to the POSTERS…so many entrants this week, perhaps our strongest poll yet from top to bottom, including a special double dose of the great Boban Marjanovic(more…)

LeBron pays tribute to Tim Duncan

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — At 39 years old and in his 19th NBA season, San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan has been a model of consistency. He may not be flashy, doesn’t seek out headlines, but Duncan gets results — 2 MVP awards, 3 NBA Finals MVP awards, as well as 5 NBA titles. While Duncan’s career is presumably winding down, he hasn’t shown many signs of stopping. Last night, his Spurs hosted and defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers, to move to 35-6 and continue to solidify their place among the Western Conference elite.

And though Duncan doesn’t seek out attention, it still finds him. Following the game last night, LeBron James took to Instagram to pay tribute to “the Greatest PF to Ever play this game.”

Boris Diaw has become a barista

SAN ANTONIO, TX - SEPTEMBER 28:  Boris Diaw #33 of the San Antonio Spurs poses for a portrait during media day at the Spurs Training Facility on September 28, 2015 in San Antonio, Texas. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2015 NBAE (Photo by Chris Covatta/NBAE via Getty Images)

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Spurs forward Boris Diaw is well known for his wide range of interests, from karaoke to wildlife photography, as well as his irrepressible continental flair, so this latest tale probably shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. Still, it provides a pretty awesome mental visual: According to reports out of San Antonio, Boris Diaw has installed a cappuccino machine in his locker.

Jeff McDonald from the San Antonio Express News tells the tale

Fast forward to Saturday, when Spurs players arrived at the AT&T Center before a game against Utah to find Diaw had done arguably the most Diaw thing ever.

He had installed a working espresso machine in his locker, completing the set with three tiny cups with saucers. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Since no still photography is allowed in the locker room, you’ll have to take our word for it).

Asked if Diaw’s new addition to his locker set-up represents the peak example of Boris being Boris, teammate Manu Ginobili laughed.

“With Boris, it is hard to tell,” Ginobili said. “There are so many.”

At least the latest caffeinated developments have perhaps another new nickname for Diaw, courtesy of a few clever heads on Twitter: The Borista.

Boban Marjanovic is huge

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — San Antonio Spurs rookie Boban Marjanovic is obviously a big man. A native of Serbia, Boban plays center, stands 7-3, weighs almost 300 pounds, and has a 7-8 wingspan. And while he has only played sporadically thus far this season, Boban has made an impact in the games where he has played, perhaps never more so than on Monday night when he came off the bench to score 17 points in 15 minutes against the Timberwolves. (According to this article, he also won a jump ball without jumping.) As Spurs forward David West said after the game, “I think people look at his size and sort of think he’s a big stiff, but Boban’s a hell of a player.”

But what has really set the internet abuzz the last 24 hours has been the postgame interview Boban did with Spurs sideline reporter Andrew Monaco. It’s a great couple of minutes, and Boban seems like a genuinely funny and personable teammate. If you want to watch the entire interview, click here. But the incredible part comes at the end when Boban gives Monaco a handshake, and Monaco’s hands basically disappear…


One other clip that really puts Boban’s size in perspective: Earlier this season against the Charlotte Hornets, Boban checked in at the end of a game and lined up next to Tyler Hansbrough, who is listed at 6-9. But standing next to Boban, he looks like a child…

Karl-Anthony Towns can defend even with a sneaker in his hand

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Minnesota rookie Karl-Anthony Towns is the early leader in Rookie of the Year conversation, showcasing a well-rounded game where he’s shown an ability to contribute on both ends of the court. And as well as he’s played offensively, Towns’ defense has been especially impactful early on. And he’s not only a great individual defender, but as we saw last night against the Spurs, Towns can even play defense with his teammate Andrew Wiggins‘ shoe in his hand…

VIDEO: Towns shoe defense

The Spurs’ Coyote catches a bat

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The AT&T Center in San Antonio is a good place to watch a great basketball team, as it’s the home of the San Antonio Spurs. It is also, apparently, a pretty good place to see wild animals. You may recall a few years ago, when a bat flew too close to the action and was swatted from the sky by Manu Ginobili, a maneuver that eventually resulted in Ginobili receiving a rabies shot.

Then there was the playoff game in San Antonio two years ago, when the Portland Trail Blazers entered their locker room to find a large snake in Thomas Robinson‘s locker.

So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that last night in San Antonio, before the Spurs hosted the Timberwolves, another bat got loose in the arena. This time, however, instead of relying on their All-Star shooting guard to corral the bat, the Spurs mascot, Coyote, took to the floor dressed as Batman, of course, and caught the winged beast in under 90 seconds…

VIDEO: Spurs’ Coyote catches bat

Gregg Popovich loves George Hill’s blond hair

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last summer, Pacers point guard George Hill dyed his hair blond. As Hill said at the time, “TIME FOR A CHANGE!!!!! Gonna Try The Blonde Look For A Sec!!!!!!!”

Well, it’s been a sec — going on seven months now — and Hill has decided to stick with the blond hair. If nothing else, it’s certainly eye-catching, as Hill’s former coach Gregg Popovich made clear last night when the Pacers played the Spurs…

After the game, Popovich reiterated exactly how much he likes the look…


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Like we always do at this time, let’s take a look at the best instances of people getting #POSTERIZED over the last week and, at the bottom of the post, you can place your vote for a winner. And don’t forget, if you see someone get posterized, tweet it with the hashtag #POSTERIZED so we don’t miss it!

This week the Posterized Poll is dedicated to the patron saint of POSTERIZING, the great Dikembe Mutombo. Tonight the Atlanta Hawks host the Boston Celtics (8:00 p.m. EST, TNT), and during a special ceremony the Hawks will retire Mutombo’s number 55 jersey. Mutombo had plenty of highlights during his time with the Hawks, as you can see in the video below.

VIDEO: Mutombo ATL


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Like we always do at this time, let’s take a look at the best instances of people getting #POSTERIZED over the last week and, at the bottom of the post, place your vote for a winner. And remember, if you see someone get posterized, tweet it with the hashtag #POSTERIZED so we don’t miss it!

Finally, congratulations to last week’s winner, Andrew Wiggins!

Now, let’s go to the posters!


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