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Lawson Demonstrates Art Of The Mile-High Theft

by Zettler Clay IV

Over the course of an NBA season, there are plenty of gems that go unnoticed by even the most acute of basketball eyes. Don’t tell that to Nate Timmons of SB Nation, who records and delivers this beauty from the end of the Nuggets-Jazz affair in Denver on Saturday:


Ty Lawson pulls off the perfect heist of teammate JaVale McGee, which is perfect only because of a Nuggets bench that either a) doesn’t see what’s going on or b) sees it, but pretends not to. This gives the scene a glow of childlike fun inherent in team sports since we started in the schoolyard.  

Kudos to Kosta Koufos, who nails the requisite “distract mark from fact he’s being took” role. McGee had no idea and for all we know, he still might be looking for that shoe.

H/T SB Nation

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Blake Griffin’s Highlights In NBA Jam Form

by Micah Hart

Blake Griffin‘s hops are so crazy, sometimes it seems like you are watching a video game. The enterprising sorts at SB Nation decided to take that sentiment to it’s logical conclusion:


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Your NBA-related entries in the top sports gifs of 2011

by Micah Hart

Jon Bois over at SB Nation has compiled the Top 50 sports gifs from 2011, and I can’t recommend highly enough checking out the whole list. But in case you are only interested in the NBA-related entrants, here are five of the best:

Most excited Nets fan ever

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Summer time is for pick-up basketball

by Micah Hart


Tomorrow is the official start of summer, and with the NBA Finals fading into the distance and the Draft just a few days away, it’s about to be very quiet on the basketball front. If you want your basketball fix, you’re going to have to get it on your own, which means you should be heading out to your friendly local basketball court for some pick-up action.

Has it been awhile since you’ve laced ’em up and headed out to the blacktop? No worries. Over at SB Nation, Jon Bois has compiled a hilarious guide to the creatures you are bound to encounter on the court with his “Complete And Thorough Incompetence: Your Guide To The 2011 Pick-Up Basketball Season.”

Here’s a sample:

The low-percentage shot enthusiast

This fellow is capable of running, and he is also capable of dribbling a basketball, but doing both at the same time tends to be problematic for him. As such, even if the lane is wide open, he prefers to throw up a jumper from 20 feet away.

I’m afraid to admit I sometimes veer too close to another pick-up game staple elucidated by Bois, the “Guy who persistently sets needless picks”.

I’m just trying to help the team, y’know?

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Ranking 2011 NBA Playoffs by levels of excitement

by Micah Hart

The excellent Tom Ziller of SB Nation is known for many things, but one of his best moves is his love of summing things up in graph or chart form.

Today he examines, quite colorfully, the amazing drama we’ve seen from an unforgettable 2011 playoff run so far.

The title is ever-so-slightly NSFW, but the content is definitely worth your time.

Pretty comprehensive list by Mr. Ziller, who goes on to elaborate on the graphic in the post, so definitely click through and read the whole thing. It will no doubt make you say, “Seriously, how amazing have these @#$%@ playoffs been so far???”

Seven Circles of Holy Sh#t [SB Nation]

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