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The Miami Heat attempt karaoke

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERShane Battier may have retired and moved into a career in broadcasting for ESPN, but he is still involved in Miami, where his charitable foundation, the Take Charge Foundation, is based. And once a year, Battier holds a charitable fund raiser in the form of an event called Battioke, where the Heat throw their pride to the wind and perform embarrassing karaoke in front of a crowd.

Last night was the most recent version of Battioke, and it provided some real gems. Let’s start with Heat president Pat Riley, who performed an ear-splitting rendition of the classic “Twist and Shout”…

VIDEO: Riley sings

Also from the Heat front office, coach Erik Spoelstra and his girlfriend Nikki Sapp opted for Michael Jackson‘s hit “Billie Jean”…

VIDEO: Spoelstra sings

New Heat members Michael Beasley and Henry Walker teamed up for Vanessa Carlton‘s “A Thousand Miles”…

Battier himself went with the karaoke classic, “I’m Too Sexy”…

VIDEO: Battier sings

Miami Heat Hold Epic Super Bowl Party

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Twitter is at its best during big events — nearly everyone has a wary eye on their second screen, looking for facts, jokes and supplementary commentary. And during last night’s Super Bowl XLVIII, many of the Miami Heat players were populating social media with text and images from a team-wide viewing party held at Ray Allen‘s beach-front home.

As Allen posted on Instagram early in the day, “Super Bowl party at my crib. In the words of Bart Scott, CANT WAIT.”…

He also showcased another image of the inflatable 35-foot screen they were using (with a peek at the Dwyane Wade-designed Stance socks Allen was rocking)…

The Heat players seemed fired up for the game…

LeBron posted a video from poolside and gave thanks to Allen for hosting…

As for the game itself…well, it wasn’t much of a game, as Seattle jumped out a lead and never looked back…

At least LeBron enjoyed the halftime show…

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Great song!! So energetic

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And while LeBron enjoyed the halftime show, Shane Battier continued the Heat tradition of photobombing

By the way, while the Heat players enjoyed the view on the waterfront screen, Heat owner Micky Arison did it even bigger, with the Mississippi River as the background and an even larger screen on which to watch the game, along with a few hundred friends…

The Miami Heat Perform Karaoke

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last night down in Miami, Heat forward Shane Battier hosted his annual Battioke event, where the Miami Heat players take turns performing karaoke to raise money for charity. And thanks to the Heat’s Instagram account, we have a treasure trove of videos from the vent, featuring plenty of off-key singing and performances. Little pitchy, dawg? Little pitchy, dawg.

Let’s start with Battier, Greg Oden and actor Ken Jeong performing the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way”…

Norris Cole and James Jones went with Jay Z and Justin Timberlake‘s “Holy Grail”…

Newest Heat member Toney Douglas went with Montell Jordan‘s “Let’s Ride,” while LeBron James and James Jones did some background dancing…


Shane Battier Wants To Sing With You

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — As a member of the Miami Heat, Shane Battier has made his name as a guy willing to do all the little things to be successful. As a member of the Miami community, and to raise money for his charity, the Battier Take Charge Foundation, Shane is willing to put on a baby blue tuxedo and warble along with his Heat teammates at Battioke 2014.

Take it away, Shane…

VIDEO: Battioke 2014

(ICYMI, here’s our coverage of Battioke 2012 and Battioke 2013 …)

Battier Celebrates In Style … At Denny’s

By Jeff Case

Heading into Game 7 of The Finals, most of us expected LeBron James and Dwyane Wade to do the heavy lifting in the scoring column and they both came through, finishing with 37 and 23 points, respectively, as Miami’s top two scorers. The Heat’s third-leading scorer in Game 7? None other Shane Battier, who finished with 18 points thanks to a 6-of-8 shooting night from 3-point range.

Battier’s big night helped Miami to a 95-88 victory that wrapped up the Heat’s second straight NBA crown. After the game, Battier found himself on the postgame dais, where he was as forthcoming and interesting as you’d expect. Playing off a comment Battier made during the East finals, he was asked what was the first thing he’d eat after the victory. His response was he was looking forward to his wife, Heidi Ufer,  “cooking him a nice ribeye.”

We have no idea what Battier ate after the game or where he went, but by the end of his evening, he found himself dining at a place a lot of folks do after a busy night of partying: Denny’s.

Shane Battier Gets His Flopera

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — There has been a lot of chatter this postseason about flopping. Hey, look: Flop all you want, but you might get caught, and if you get caught, there will probably be a fine attached.

As a deterrent, however, the fines don’t seem to have made much of a difference. Especially when we still see things like the vaunted double-flop from guys like LeBron James and David West

Speaking to the media Thursday, Heat forward Shane Battier told that the best way to stop flopping is for the NBA to make sure the fines are lucrative: “If they want to put an opera of all my charges on there or flops or whatever, go for it. You take $10 from me, and I’m upset.”

Taking Battier’s suggestion at his word, The Basketball Jones’ great Trey Kerby put some of Battier’s flops on an opera. Really:

(But what if you get free beer, Shane?)

(gif via Deadspin)
(video via TBJ)

NBA Style: Classic Uniforms #TBT

By the Style Crew —

While the NBA is a League that has always had its share of individuals, the one unifying feature of all players is that everyone wears uniforms. But that doesn’t make them uniform. Some franchises have opted for simple jerseys with their team name in a stylized font, such as the Knicks or the Minneapolis Lakers, other teams have gone for more interesting expressions. Check out, for instance, the New Jersey Nets, with a red/white/blue stars and stripes motif; All-Star Game jerseys, with stars literally all over them; a Toronto Raptor jersey featuring an enormous cartoon raptor. Sometimes it’s in the details, like with the trim on the throwback Syracuse Nationals jersey. And then sometimes we’re drawn to the colors, like with the gorgeous baby blue and red of the old Sacramento Kings jerseys.

Whatever you like, for many of us uniforms can be much more than just a statement of which team we’re cheering for. We picked some pics in the gallery below of uniforms that caught our eye.

What is your favorite uniform of all-time? Let us know in the comments section, and don’t forget to continue the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #NBAStyle…

Shane Battier Gets Free Beer Thanks To

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the ironic perks of fame and fortune is that after years of hard work, once you finally achieve the fortune part of the equation, the fame often renders it unnecessary. Companies want to be associated with you, the famous person, and all those things that you previously paid for are suddenly given to you for free. (At least, this is what I’ve been told. I have only worked for for two days, so I’m still waiting for the fame and fortune parts of my contract to kick in.)

Consider Miami Heat F Shane Battier. The ten-year NBA veteran had a storied college career at Duke, and since then has had a long, workman-like pro career, spending stretches toiling in Memphis and Houston. Even if the stat nerds loved him all along, Battier has been mostly underappreciated by the casual NBA fan, who may not have noticed as he carved out a career as a designated defender and three-point shooter. But upon arriving in Miami two seasons ago, suddenly Battier was playing on the NBA’s biggest stage, alongside the brightest stars. And with one title already in his pocket, now it’s time for Battier to reap the benefits.

And one of the main benefits? Apparently it’s free beer. And we here at are somehow complicit in this whole thing.

Apparently it traces back to a story Steve Aschburner wrote on the Hang Time Blog during Miami’s 27-game winning streak earlier this season. While talking about superstitions, Battier came clean…

As forward Shane Battier said late Wednesday night in Cleveland, “Athletes are all superstitious and even if they don’t admit it, there’s a routine and just a cadence to our days. Especially when things go well, you can see us try to replicate it.”

Exactly. Just what we suspected. And yours are …

“Nope,” Battier said. “Well, I try to drink the same beer – Bud Light – but that’s about it. You never know. I don’t want to chance luck and switch up brands, so I’m staying loyal to Bud Light.”

And then a couple of weeks later, this happened:

Now obviously Battier could afford to buy that much Bud Light, but the important thing is he didn’t have to. He made it big, and the rewards came rolling in. For free. Thanks to

You’re welcome, Shane.

Heat Couldn’t Care Less About The First Possession

by Zettler Clay IV

Either that or they have faith in Shane Battier’s considerable leaping ability:

With Chris Bosh sitting with the flu against the Clippers, the Heat decided to anoint the former Blue Devil to out-leap one of the best dunkers in the league in DeAndre Jordan.

Got to pick and choose your battles, right?

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LeBron, Wade & Heat ‘Sing’ The Hits

By Jeff Case


Two weeks ago, videos like the one above touting Battioke began circulating the NBA blogosphere. What exactly is Battioke? It’s a Jan. 21 event at Miami’s Eden Roc Hotel on Miami Beach, hosted by none other than Heat forward Shane Battier as part of his Take Charge Foundation, which helps furthering education for at-risk students.

Nothing quite like watching your favorite Miami Heat stars belt out the hits, especially after last season’s event which saw LeBron James sing (and we use that term loosely) Rick James‘ “Superfreak” as well as a truly eardrum-shattering version of The Temptations’ hit, “My Girl,” by Heat boss Pat Riley.

Welp, this year’s Battioke has come and gone and the videos are starting to pop up. James gets into the act this year by trying his hand at Michael Jackson‘s “Rock With You”. As a bonus treat, a fan gets serenaded by both he and fellow Heat star Dwyane Wade (replete with shades and fake sideburns a la Elvis) as they try their hand at Shai‘s “If I Ever Fall In Love”.

If that’s not enough for you, we’ve also got newly signed center Chris Andersen and 3-point shooter Mike Miller giving it the old Battioke try on Vanilla Ice‘s 1990s classic, “Ice, Ice Baby”:

These vids likely won’t sway your opinion of the Heat one way or the other, but one thing is certain: these guys are awful singers.