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Baron Davis: The Conclusion

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last week, we saw Baron Davis get some advice from Spike Lee and Reggie Miller on his comeback.

In the latest edition of the ongoing saga on his comeback attempt to the NBA, take a look back at Baron’s journey and watch as the TNT crew pays tribute to Mr. Davis …

VIDEO: Baron’s comeback comes to a conclusion


Kevin Hart Drops The Funny On TNT crew

by Zettler Clay IV

Comedian and two-time Sprint Celebrity All-Star Game MVP Kevin Hart visited the Inside crew for halftime of the All-Star Game. The results weren’t too kind for Kenny Smith and Chuck:



Shaq is not out of names

by Zettler Clay

Our favorite giant spent some time with Conan recently and the appearance, like the last time, was equal parts informative and mirthful.

Yes, The Man of a Million Names will acquire a new one soon. No, The Man of a Million Names does not have too many names.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Well it’s not complete addition. Retire Shaq. Enter Dr. O’Neal.

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Shaq’s lady challenges the laws of physics

by Zettler Clay

In case you missed it, Shaq has a memoir coming out. As it is with recollections from celebrities, the days leading up to its release is nonstop talk shows and public sightings. So earlier this week it was Jimmy Kimmel’s turn to vet the former NBA big man on whether Kobe or LeBron was his favorite person to shower with or whether his diminutive girlfriend can actually carry him on her back.

Yeah, about that last part. Just turn to the 3:10 second mark.

You just witnessed an act transcending any logical reach I could ever muster. That young lady, Hoopz of Flavor of Love fame, traveled a good seven steps before summarily collapsing to the canvas. Which is about six more steps than any 5-foot-2 human should ever last under the weight of the Big Analyst.

H/T SportsGrid

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