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Snoop Dogg gives Kobe a sweet retirement gift

By Jeff Case

Kobe Bryant‘s NBA playing days were officially finished as of April 13 of this year, after his 60-point farewell game against the Utah Jazz. Throughout his farewell season in Los Angeles, the Lakers’ great received all manner of gifts, including a book of poetry, every pair of Jordans ever, passes for some great outdoors-y stuff to doย and more.

Since he hung it up, though, Bryant has kept a low profile — especially on social media (although he did congratulate the Cavs on their 2016 championship a few days ago).

Longtime friend/famous rapper Snoop Dogg apparently didn’t get his retirement gift to Bryant just yet, though, but atoned for that recently. Bryant got a purple-and-gold painted convertible from Snoop Dogg, which he proudly showed off on social media.

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Steve Nash shooting threes with Snoop Dogg as his rebounder

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERSteve Nash hasn’t played in the NBA in a while, and he officially retired a few months ago, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still hit the basketball court to get some shots up. And if you’re going to squeeze in some practice, why not have hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg out there grabbing boards for you? (Also, Nash has an apple in his mouth.)

Pierce Is Out To Flex Linguistic Muscles

by Zettler Clay IV

Celtics star and probable Hall-of-Famer Paul Pierce is doing more than preparing for another go at the Miami Heat. He has sights set on another superlative. Namely, beating the likes of Ed Norton, Alec Baldwin and Snoop Lion in a…Words With Friends tournament?

The Truth told ESPN’s Playbook in an email:

Yes, I love ‘Words With Friends,’ play it all the time and was excited for this challenge. I heard Snoop likes to make up his own words, so we’ll see how I do against him. I also heard that Ed Norton was a Celtics fan growing up, so I definitely want to show him how it’s done.โ€

Other celebrities competing: Eva Longoria, John Legend, Jonah Hill, Sophia Bush, Kristen Bell and the aforementioned stars (Norton, Lion, Baldwin). The winner takes home $500,000 to give to a charity of their choice. Pierce — whose charity is The Truth Fund — is the only athlete participating.

I’m sure there are some among the Celtics faithful who would rather see him spend more time hoisting jumpers in an empty gym than vegetating on a couch with a mobile phone.

But hey, if he can pull off a win against guys who dabbles in words for a living…that would be pretty impressive.