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2014 Social Media Awards Update

By Joe Boozell

The NBA offseason is officially here, but social media is an outlet that allows fans to interact with their favorite players beyond the parameters of an NBA schedule. Which is fortunate, because how else would we survive an entire offseason without romantic advice from NBA superstars like Kyrie Irving? (Click the top left for sound.)

The social media universe appreciates a man who has his priorities in tact, as Irving is the winner of the “Best Vine/Video” award.

Voting is live for the NBA social media awards, with the “LOL Award”  next on the docket. Here is a look at the award winners thus far.

Jrue Holiday takes home this year’s “Best Selfie” award, but big props have to go to Anthony “The Brow” Davis for the assist:

Blake Griffin is the winner of this year’s “Best Hashtag” award. But like Holiday, the Clippers’ star big man had his fair share of help. Griffin was assisted by his big brother, Taylor Griffin, a snazzy green polo and, of course, a fresh pair of jorts. #theoriginalduckface

The awards run through Sunday, June 22. So keep on voting!




The 2014 Social Media Awards

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The NBA has always been a league that has embraced social media — from bloggers who helped usher in the sports blogosphere to players being early adopters and having huge presences on Facebook and Twitter, to fans interacting though things like Twitter and Instagram.

To recognize the NBA’s continuing social media influence, and the influence of social media, NBA Digital will host its third annual NBA Social Media Awards, celebrating NBA players and teams for their social engagement throughout the 2013-14 NBA regular season. And while in years past the SMA’s have had various formats — who could forget the 2012 Awards when Rick Fox and I celebrated by shoving Shaq into some trash cans — this year brings a new “10 in 10” format. For the first time, NBA Digital will present 10 social media awards in 10 categories over the course of 10 consecutive days with fan voting across, Twitter and Facebook.

Voting is live now, with one Social Media Award winner being declared each day following a 24-hour polling cycle. This year’s awards will be divided into a variety of categories recognizing NBA players and teams and the best social activity across social engagement. This year’s categories will include:

• Best Vine/Video – Friday, June 13
• Selfie Award – Saturday, June 14
• Best Hashtag – Sunday, June 15
• LOL Award – Monday, June 16
• “AWW” Award – Tuesday, June 17
• Best #TBT – Wednesday, June 18
• Social Rookie – Thursday, June 19
• Best Post – Friday, June 20
• Team Social MVP – Saturday, June 21
• Social MVP – Sunday, June 22

Fans can follow all of the conversation, engage with nominees, analysts and more using the hashtag #NBASMA.

In addition, NBA TV’s The Starters will provide fans with daily #NBASMA updates via their TV show, podcast and blog.

We’re live now! Go on, get out the vote!

Live Blogging The First Annual Social Media Awards

by Micah Hart

We’re live on NBATV with Shaq, Rick Fox, Lang Whitaker, and Tas Melas and J.E. Skeets from The Basketball Jones for the first ever Social Media Awards. Lots of good stuff to get through in this hour-long special celebrating the most viral, most talked about teams, players and performances from the 2011-12 season. Let’s get rolling!

9:05Jeremy Lin takes home the first social media award, for Epic performance from his breakout game against the Lakers. In case you forgot how that went down, take a peek:

9:08 – The Lakers, not surprisingly, win the Social MVT (Most Valuable Team), far outpacing the #2 ranked squad the Boston Celtics. Judging by the comments sections on the blogs, this is not a surprise victory. KOBE RULEZ! TAKE THAT HATERZ!

9:15 – Skeets and Tas present the Snapshot Award for best tweeted picture. And the winner is … Landry Fields, who tweeted a picture of the couch Lin crashed on during the early part of his tenure with the Knicks. Another Lin-related victory … I’m sensing a theme starting here. One of the nominees for this award was a picture Kevin Love tweeted of his mustache, but I would also have nominated the picture Ricky Rubio tweeted of Love’s shave and a haircut — who is that guy?