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Check Out This Animated Version Of John Wall’s Winning Dunk

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few weeks back, Paul George rocked the NBA by unleashing a 360 dunk during a game. As great as that dunk was, just as neat was an illustrated version of the dunk that quickly went viral, created by Portland-based artist Patrick Truby.

After the success of Truby’s George drawing, our colleagues at Turner Sports asked Truby to illustrate John Wall‘s winning dunk from the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest exclusively for Turner Sports/NBA Digital. Before we get to the animated image, however, I checked in with Truby this morning to find out exactly how he puts one of these animated illustrations together…

ME: How do you do/make these animated gifs?

TRUBY: It’s actually a pretty simple — though time consuming — process. Basically I make a gif from video in Photoshop, then I look through all the individual frames and remove the ones I don’t need or are too blurry. This happens a lot when players are moving really fast or are out of focus. Then I illustrate every frame using a drawing tablet. I posted a quick Instagram video that shows a little bit of the process.

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ME: How long does it take to make one of these illustrations?

TRUBY: It depends on how long the highlight is and how complicated. When there’s only one player involved, the process goes a lot quicker. If a highlight has more than one player or is from slow motion video, it can take a lot longer. It’s usually between 4 and 8 hours.

ME: Where did you get the idea to commemorate memorable dunks in this way?

TRUBY: I honestly don’t remember. I’ve been drawing for pretty much my whole life but had kind of stopped for a few years. I started an NBA drawings blog just to get back into drawing more. Then I bought my first drawing tablet about a year ago. I was probably playing around with some NBA drawings just to get used to drawing on a screen instead of paper when I realized the gifs would be a fun thing to try.

ME: Who is your favorite dunker of all time?

TRUBY: That’s a good question. I have no idea. I’m way more into great passes. I love a good bounce pass more than anything, they just take way more time to animate. For example, this is my favorite NBA play ever, and it took close to 9 hours to animate. I will say one of my favorite dunks ever is JR Smith flying over Gary Neal.

Very cool stuff. And now, here’s Patrick’s version of John Wall’s most memorable dunk from the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest…


Dunk Contest Then And Now

VIDEO: Check out some of the best underrated Slam Dunk Contest jams

The slam dunk has steadily evolved from a conservative finish into one of the most expressive languages on the basketball court. Even during this season, we’ve witnessed a sort of rebirth of the alley-oop.

The same can be said about the Slam Dunk Contest. From its humble ABA beginnings in1976 to becoming one of the biggest showcases of All-Star weekend, its significance has grown to epic proportions.

The good folks at SB Nation have taken it upon themselves to tell the complete story of the contest. From how it began as a way to reignite a flailing league to shining the spotlight on the players that rode the coattails of the contest to notoriety, this is the perfect way to get excited for the upcoming 2014 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. At the same time, you’re getting a solid education on where it’s been and where it could soon be going. There’s nothing like making learning fun.