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Sweet shooting runs in the Curry family

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We already know Stephen Curry is one of the greatest shooters in NBA history, and that Steph is the son of Dell Curry, another of the NBA’s greatest shooters. But maybe great shooting isn’t only genetic, perhaps there’s something to the “Curry” surname. Check out Stephen’s wife, Ayesha, here knocking down an NBA three-pointer, while 9 months pregnant, no less…

Steph Curry playing with Muggsy Bogues two decades ago

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the fun things about Stephen Curry being the son of former NBA player Dell Curry, is that we occasionally come across pictures or video of a young Steph Curry, hanging around the NBA as a kid. Such as this Instagram video someone on Reddit uncovered, featuring a young Curry being carried around the Charlotte Hornets locker room by former point guard Muggsy Bogues

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Stephen Curry, Always A World Champ

By Nick Margiasso IV,

When you’re a champion, well, you’re just a champion everywhere you go. The Warriors’ Stephen Curry proved that Saturday night when he carried WBC/Ring Super-Middleweight titlist Andre Ward‘s belt into the ring as part of the fighter’s entourage for his title defense at Golden State’s home court in Oracle Arena.

Well, fine, he carried it into a ring on top of their court.

Paul Smith vs. Andre Ward and MVPs Kaepernick and Curry!!

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Stephen Curry can feel it in the air tonight

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — At each NBA Finals game in Cleveland, just minutes before tipoff, the PA system at The Q would play Phil Collins‘ classic “In The Air Tonight.” It’s an evocative, slow-building song, which of course explodes into a terrific drum break about halfway through. As I sat there and heard it before each game, I thought to myself, “Is it possible to listen to this song and not play ‘air drums’ along to the drum break?”

Well, as we now know thanks to Stephen Curry‘s wife, not even the MVP can pass up the chance to hit the drum solo…

Stephen and Riley Curry celebrate with victory kiss

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It’s been a rough few days for the NBA’s MVP, Stephen Curry, who saw his Warriors lose back-to-back games to go down in the NBA Finals. Exacerbating things, Curry himself didn’t play all that great, scoring just 3 points in the first half of Game 3 and playing as though he was in a funk. But Curry broke out in the second half of Game 3, and then the Warriors broke out in Game 4, finding their rhythm and tempo and winning going away, 103-82. And how did Steph Curry celebrate the series-tying win? How about a kiss for the Warriors’ real postseason MVP, Riley?

VIDEO: Riley kiss

Artist makes pictures of LeBron, Curry out of salt

CLEVELAND — A few years ago during the finals in San Antonio, I did a story about a local guy doing portraits on NBA players in people’s hair. Well, one of the same hair artists has apparently moved on to a new medium: salt. Here he is making a picture of LeBron James and Stephen Curry, with salt as his milieu. Pretty amazing, no matter what you’re using…

NBA Finals 2015 πŸ€πŸ† #saltart #robtheoriginal #themajestic #lebronjames #stephenCurry #nbaFinals

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How is was done! #saltart #leBronJames #themajestic #robtheoriginal #nbafinals

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Riley Curry continues successful playoffs run

VIDEO: Riley Kiss

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Golden State’s Stephen Curry may be the NBA’s MVP, but it’s been his daughter, Riley, who has owned the postseason thus far. She burst onto the scene during the Conference playoffs with a series of press conference appearances. And now that we’ve reached the NBA Finals, Riley has taken things to the next level. Before last night’s Game 1, as we see in the video above, Riley gives her Dad a pregame good luck kiss. Meanwhile, for Warriors fans wanting to wear the latest in Warriors-related gear, the Riley Curry bootleg shirt is apparently available in Oakland.

The All Ball 2015 NBA Finals Preview: Golden State Warriors

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Here on the All Ball blog, we try to take a big picture look at the NBA, which means we spend as much (or more) time looking at off-court stuff as we do at the on-court. With that established, we thought we would preview the 2015 NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers by looking at some of the things that makes each franchise so special…

Their 2015 Finals Hype Video

VIDEO: Warriors Finals Hype

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Stephen Curry has come a long way

Three accounts to follow on Twitter

Stephen Curry

Klay Thompson

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One player to follow on Instagram

Andre Iguodala

Three writers/media people to follow for the Warriors

Ethan Strauss
Tim Kawakami
Diamond Leung

Check out this animated version of Stephen Curry’s warmup routine

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few weeks ago when I was Memphis for the Warriors/Grizzlies series, I walked out to the court early enough to watch Stephen Curry do his pregame dribbling routine. Here’s a quick look at it…

The MVP.

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Now a creative studio has taken Curry’s pregame dribbling and made an animated version of it, which is super cool to watch and just as impressive as the real thing…

VIDEO: Animated Curry

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Have we seen the 2015 NBA Finals before?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — They say everything old is new again. Perhaps that applies to the NBA as well? A YouTube user took the audio from NBC’s coverage of the 2001 Finals, when Allen Iverson and the Sixers took on Shaq and Kobe and the Lakers and applied that to some visuals of this year’s Finals. I guess the David/Goliath storyline is applicable to many situations, including LeBron James and Stephen Curry

VIDEO: 2015 vs 2001 Finals

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