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Steve Kerr destroys whiteboard

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Golden State Warriors won Game 1 of the NBA Finals by 15 points, but they didn’t always have such a big lead. Early in the third quarter, the Cleveland Cavaliers made a run and took a lead against the Warriors starters. An angry Golden State coach Steve Kerr called a timeout, and as the players sat on the bench, Kerr and his assistant coaches huddled up on the court. And to release some of the pressure of the moment, Kerr took it out on his whiteboard. “Destruction tends to ease some of the anger,” Kerr joked later. “So I try to take it out on a clipboard instead of a player. So it’s better that way. We came out after halftime and we completely lost focus, throwing careless passes. We got lost defensively a couple of times, and we had to kind of regain our focus and our edge. The bench did that for us, so they did a great job.”

The Warriors visit the White House

VIDEO: Warrior’s White House

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the perks (among many) of winning an NBA title is the winning teams traditionally get to pay a visit to the White House, where we have a sitting president that’s a huge hoops fan. And with the Golden State Warriors in Washington D.C. after defeating the Wizards last night, today the Warriors got to spend some time in the White House and with President Obama, who unveiled a pretty good Steph Curry impression…


Steve Kerr gives improv comedy a try

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Back before becoming head coach of the Golden State Warriors, Steve Kerr called games on TNT, where he was known in part for his sharp sense of humor. So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that when the Warriors had a recent night off in Chicago, Kerr and his coaching staff spent a night taking in (and taking part in) a show at Chicago’s famed Second City sketch and improv comedy theater.

According to assistant coach Luke Walton, via Diamond Leung at the Bay Area News Group, Kerr went as an audience member but quickly became a performer. And considering Kerr hasn’t actually coached a game this season as he recuperates from offseason back surgery, Kerr’s participation may be looked at as a sign that his recovery is continuing to get him closer to the sideline…

“It’s a great sign,” said Warriors interim head coach Luke Walton, who attended the show with Kerr.

“During one of the intermissions, (cast members) asked if he’d be willing to come up on stage and take part in it. He was good up there too, showing some of his wit and being as engaged as he was. We obviously don’t try to read into anything. Whenever he’s ready, he’s ready, but that’s a good sign.”

The return of Kerr’s dry sense of humor has for months been an indicator to the coaching staff of at least some progression with his health. The on-stage appearance marked a rare public appearance for Kerr, who due to complications from offseason back surgeries has missed the first half of the regular season.

“He was hesitant a little bit about doing it, but I think he thought it’d be good,” said Warriors player development coach Bruce Fraser, a longtime friend of Kerr’s who was in attendance. “He was great. He’s witty. It was more of almost an interview. They were asking him questions that were serious, a little bit more about the team, and they would act out some of the things that came up.”

Fraser said Kerr remains “up and down” with his condition and that the night out after dinner reflects how the head coach is starting to feel better, though not necessarily that he actually is better. Kerr has been more energetic of late, traveling with the team for three of its past four road trips.

“It’s still tough to tell with him because he’s tough,” Walton said. “So even when he’s feeling bad, he still tries. He’s looked good the last couple of days. He really has, so I’m hoping he’s not just getting better at playing the part and that he’s actually feeling better.”

Steve Kerr still has the touch

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Before becoming head coach of the Golden State Warriors and winning an NBA title in his first season, Steve Kerr was one of the greatest long-range shooters in NBA history, winning five titles as a member of the Bulls and the Spurs. We’ve seen Stephen Curry show off his incredible shooting range regularly for Kerr, but in Cleveland earlier today ahead of tonight’s Warriors at Cavs game (TNT, 8:00 pm ET), Kerr showed Curry that he can still knock it down from way outside…

Steve Kerr, fan, are equally in shock

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — At some point during last night’s 96-91 win by the Cleveland Cavaliers, something happened on the floor that left Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr in shock. Kerr expressed this by registering a pretty impressive look of awe on his face, which mirrored that of a Warriors fan perfectly. It was almost like the reverse of Lance Stephenson videobombing Derek Fisher.


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What if there was an NBA team of NBA coaches?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Plenty of NBA coaches were NBA players before becoming coaches — in the Western Conference Finals, for instance, both Steve Kerr and Kevin McHale are former players. There are also a lot of coaches who never played in the NBA, from Gregg Popovich to Tom Thibodeau.

But what would happen if all the NBA coaches played in the NBA. And not when they were young and in shape, but now, when they are, you know, old?

Well, a few months back someone decided to find out by using NBA 2K, so here are a bunch of coaches playing against the Eastern Conference All-Stars. This is ridiculous, sure, but it’s also hilarious…

VIDEO: Coaches vs. Players

Stephen Curry, the MVP remix

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Yesterday, Stephen Curry was named the 2014-15 KIA NBA MVP. At the press conference where Curry picked up the award, he laid out his philosophy that has helped him become one of the best to ever play the game, and his coach Steve Kerr explained what makes Curry so great. Here’s a remixed video of the press conference from the Warriors…

VIDEO: Curry MVP Remix

Steve Kerr’s coaching never stops

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — At one point just before last night’s All-Star Game, I looked down from my seat in the media section and noticed Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr, coaching the Western Conference All-Stars, reach down, grab a dry erase board and start scribbling a play. It made me wonder exactly what kind of plays an All-Star team would utilize. But apparently, as the broadcast uncovered, Kerr knew the best way to coach the All-Star Game was to look like you’re busy but not really do all that much…

VIDEO: Coach Kerr

Tyson Chandler gets that shoe outta here

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Back in 2012, Tyson Chandler was named the NBA’s defensive player of the year. Two years later, looks like he’s still got a knack for stopping his man at all costs.

Against the Warriors on Saturday night, Chandler was defending Marreese Speights, who lost a shoe during the run of play. It was pretty impressive when Steph Curry picked up the shoe and tossed it out of the way during a halfcourt set. But on the next Golden State possession, when Curry tried to toss the shoe back to Speights, Tyson Chandler was having none of it…

VIDEO: Chandler Shoe

As Chandler said after the game, he’ll do whatever it takes to get the win, which on this night he wasn’t quite able to procure. At least the Warriors were able to laugh about it…

Warriors on the gridiron

By Joe Boozell,

Steve Kerr has never coached in the NBA before. Nor has he coached in the NCAA, or MLB, or the NHL … or the NFL. But that doesn’t stop him from seeking advice from the most innovative and successful football coaches in the business, so Kerr paid a visit to Seattle Seahawks training camp yesterday. He wanted to see Pete Carroll’s coaching philosophy up close and in person.

The Seahawks, of course, have plenty of NBA fans on the roster. Carroll likes to get each day of camp started with a fun competition, so wide receiver Bryan Walters challenged the Warriors’ new coach to a shooting contest. Doug Baldwin was kind enough to tweet the play-by-play:

One of the best shooters in NBA history couldn’t possibly lose to a … Say it ain’t so, Steve.

Kerr wasn’t the only Warriors staffer to visit an NFL training camp yesterday. NBA legend and Warriors consultant Jerry West was spotted at New Orelans Saints practice today with Saints general manager Mickey Loomis. If nothing else, the Warriors might be one of the toughest teams on the hardwood this season.