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Steven Adams gives football a try

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERSteven Adams of the Oklahoma City Thunder was one of the breakout performers of the NBA playoffs, repeatedly displaying toughness and fortitude. So what better place to show off that toughness than on the football field? Recently Adams and teammate Andre Roberson surprised some students at the Heritage Hall school in Oklahoma City. I have to think Adams was slowed a bit by wearing flip-flops, but then again I wouldn’t want to have to line up against him…

Steven Adams and Andre Roberson want it that way

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Several members of the Oklahoma City Thunder traveled to New Zealand to hang out with teammate Steven Adams, and while they were there, apparently a road trip went down. And you know what that means: listening to the radio and singing along at the top of your lungs, as Adams and Andre Roberson showed…

Huge mural of Steven Adams unveiled in Oklahoma City

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Oklahoma City center Steven Adams had a breakout postseason for the Thunder, establishing himself as one of the best young centers in the NBA. And now he’s being recognized on a larger-than-life scale. The New Zealand artist Graham Hoete, a.k.a. Mr. G, who is known for his wall-sized murals of various celebrities, turned up in Oklahoma City and today is unveiling a huge mural of his countryman Steven Adams. The mural is about as intimidating as Adams himself…

Thunder fan pays tribute to Steven Adams

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the breakout stars of this postseason has been Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams, who keeps getting injured but somehow stays on the court to provide rebounding and set solid screens, all while looking like a swashbuckling pirate captain. With his long hair, tattoos and curly mustache, Adams has cultivated a signature look, and last night in Oklahoma City for Game 4, one young female fan managed to replicate Adams’ look so well that even Adams was impressed…


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Like we always do at this time, let’s take a look at the best instances of people getting #POSTERIZED over the last week and, at the bottom of the post, you can place your vote for a winner. And don’t forget, if you see someone get posterized, tweet it with the hashtag #POSTERIZED so we don’t miss it!

Special shoutout this week to Kristaps Porzingis, who may be a rookie but still had the presence of mind last night to duck out of the way of LeBron James to avoid getting #POSTERIZED. And even then he still ended up in the picture…

It’s the holiday season, so someone give a big present to last week’s winner, DeAndre Jordan!

Plenty of great entries this week. Let’s go to the posters, and don’t forget to vote for the winner…

NBA players dress up for Halloween


Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavs got into the holiday spirit on Saturday (via Instagram).

Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavs got into the holiday spirit on Saturday (via Instagram).

It was a festive night around the NBA on Saturday as the Dallas Mavericks and Oklahoma City held costume parties to celebrate Halloween. Players on both squads took to social media to show off their new looks:

Russell Westbrook as Steven Adams is just as scary as Adams as The Joker.


Steven Adams has some banking tips for you

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Oklahoma City big man Steven Adams hails from New Zealand, where they speak English but have a collection of their own phrases and sayings. These are obscure enough that when Adams breaks them out in this new ad for an Oklahoma bank, we need subtitles to keep up with him. Adams seems kind of presidential in this spot, doesn’t he?

VIDEO: Adams bank

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OKC hosts block party for Houston

VIDEO: OKC get three rejections in one possession against the Rockets

There was a brick fair of enormous magnitude in Oklahoma City on Sunday and it was all in Chesapeake Energy Arena. James Harden missed 12 of 17. Dwight Howard missed 10 of 14 — 19 of 27 if you count free throws. Houston’s stars weren’t the only culprits. In fact, nobody shot 50 percent from the field. Nobody.

The Rockets shot 28.7 percent from the field, undoubtedly helped to that figure by the ridiculous rim protection from the trio of Steven Adams, Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins. Fourteen blocks combined, they threw six offerings from Howard. Credit the Rockets for continuing to challenge the Thunder, but their intrepidity in the paint was likely necessitated by their abysmal launching from deep (7-for-35 out there).

Despite Houston’s shooting woes, it got the 69-65 win (read that score again slowly) because OKC wasn’t much better (29.4 percent). It was a physical affair, replete with four technical fouls, a Pat Beverley sighting and more trash talk than a little bit. Win or no win, the Thunder, particularly young big man Adams, gave the Rockets a rim party to remember.

VIDEO: OKC swats 15 shots in Sunday’s narrow loss to the Rockets

Oklahoma City Thunder players love Halloween

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Every year around Halloween, it seems as if we see a lot of pictures of members of the OKC Thunder in full costume, ready to go door to door for candy. I’m sure many teams do it, but the Thunder sure seems to have a high rate of participation, as we saw last year. We’re still a week away from Halloween, but the Thunder started getting dressed up early, as a bunch of Thunder players posted pics from a Halloween party on social media this weekend.

Russell Westbrook as Officer Mendez from Orange Is The New Black

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Mendez is the man!!! Lol

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Steven Adams as Tom Hanks in Castaway

Nick Collison and Andre Roberson as Ghostbusters…

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Who you gonna call? @mcg5 @therealwilsont @flydre21

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Mitch McGary as Bane and Lance Thomas as Finn…

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Steven Adams Does His Best LeBron James

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last season, as a rookie with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Steven Adams established himself as a rough and tumble center, unafraid to do dirty work in the post. He was not, however, known for his ability to, say, take guys off the dribble. But as we see in the video clip here, when Adams is matched up against someone much smaller, he can not only put the ball on the floor and get to the rim, but he can perform his best LeBron James celebration after the basket…

VIDEO: Adams LeBron

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