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Trail Blazers fans get married before a game

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Portland Trail Blazers may have lost Wesley Matthews for the rest of the season and postseason, but they’re hanging in there, 7-3 in the last 10 games. Regardless of how they’re playing, the Blazers have always had some of the League’s best fan support, because of fans like the ones in the video below. At a recent Portland game, a couple of lifelong Blazers fans held a surprise wedding ceremony as the players warmed up on the court a few feet away. Congrats to them, and watch for the surprise guest appearance at end of the ceremony…

VIDEO: Blazers fans marry

Blazers take to the diamond

By Jeff Case

The Portland Trail Blazers enjoy one of the most fervent fan bases in all of the NBA, mostly because they were the only professional sports league in town for many, many years. While that has changed of late with the Portland Timbers being a part of Major League Soccer, Blazermania is still alive and well in the Rose City.

While Portland can claim an NBA and MLS team, it doesn’t boast a Major League Baseball team. That leaves Portlanders to scratch that diamond itch another way and the Blazers’ players and coaches prove no exception to that rule. During the last few weeks, the Blazers have had a presence on the baseball field, though, as fans (and coach Terry Stotts) took in a minor league game in Oregon.

And out in Seattle, avowed Mariners fan (and starting center) Robin Lopez threw out the first pitch before a game.

VIDEO: Terry Stotts and Blazers fans watch a minor-league baseball game in Oregon

VIDEO: Robin Lopez tosses out the first pitch at a Mariners game


NBA Behind The Scenes: The Photo Game (Part Two)


BROOKLYN Earlier this week, I spent an evening shadowing Nathaniel Butler from NBA Photos as he photographed the Trail Blazers-Nets game in Brooklyn. During the game, Butler gave me a camera and let me shoot the action. What follows are some of the images I took that night, with my thoughts and comments below each picture. These pictures have not been cropped or color-corrected or anything else. This is what I shot … for better, or for, probably mostly, worse.


As the Blazers took the floor to warm up directly in front of me, Nic Batum started hoisting 15-footers from the right wing. I picked up my camera, zoomed in a bit, half-pushed the button down to make sure the image was focused, and then fired off the shot. What I didn’t account for was that Batum would jump when he shot, so my photo chopped off his arms and the ball.


Once the game started, sure enough the Nets ran a play to get Kevin Garnett a shot at the top of the key. I saw the play developing and as soon as KG caught the ball and squared up, I took this picture. Unfortunately, as you may notice, I managed to capture all of the players out of focus. But the basket support and the fans in the front rows are crystal clear. Also, terrific job by me to cut off the shot clock. (more…)