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Spider-Man Is Back On Basketball Courts

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — When we last saw Spiderman, aka streetball fixture The Professor, he was in the process of transforming into the black-suited Spider-Man. The transformation apparently now complete, Spidey has returned to an outdoor court near you to embarrass the heck out of people. Not so friendly, this Spider-Man…

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Spider-Man Returns To Court, Embarasses Opponents

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We’ve covered the recent exploits of streetball fixture The Professor, who has taken to wearing a Spider-Man costume and dominating on the playgrounds. In the last video, he worked out alone. In this new installment, he’s back to iso’ing against guys and making heads spin with crossover dribbles. Look out! Here comes the Spider-Man…

Spider-Man Gets In A Workout

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few weeks ago, we saw what happened when Spiderman (well, streetball player The Professor) showed up at a local court to get some shots up. Now we see when Spidey gets his shots up: At night, when nobody’s around to see how the magic happens. Nice form on that jumper, though.

Spider-Man Has A Great Crossover

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last year, while in New York filming “The Amazing Spider-Man, actor Andrew Garfield wandered onto a playground downtown and got some shots up against a couple of local kids. He wasn’t playing hard, but it was funny to see a guy in full superhero costume on the court.

Then yesterday a video emerged of a different Spidey on the court, and this one seemed to be much more in touch with his Spidey sense. This time, Spiderman is played by The Professor, the slick-dribbling guy perhaps best known for playing in the And 1 Mixtape Tour a few years back. This summer The Professor is going on the Ball Up tour.

Whatever he’s wearing, this video is a good reminder that if you reach, The Professor will teach.

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