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LeBron Surprises Heat With WWE Championship Belts

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few months back, after Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy did a postgame interview with a WWE-style title belt draped over his shoulder, LeBron James hopped on Twitter and asked how he could get his hands on a WWE belt, “the real ones.”

It didn’t even take a day before former Miami-resident Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson responded via social media to make LeBron’s wishes come true…

Now King James has gone one better. Earlier today he posted a photo on Instagram of the entire Heat team wearing title belts. As he wrote in the comment, “Always wanted to be the WWE Heavyweight World Champion so today I surprised my teammates with their own for their collection. And by the way it’s a Great time to be a @WWE fan with the launch of #WWENetwork #LoveMyTeammates #WWEStandOutAsAKid #StriveForGreatness”

Birdman‘s sunglasses are a nice touch…

JR Smith Bought A Tank

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A news report yesterday came out alleging that Knicks G JR Smith pulled up to a restaurant in Manhattan driving a $450,000 Gurkha F5.

What is a Gurkha? The Gurkha is made by Terradyne, a Canadian company, and it’s basically a tank on wheels. If you’re a movie fan, you may remember the vehicle (I hesitate to call it a car) from the film Fast Five, where it was driven by The Rock (I hesitate to call him Dwayne Johnson)…

So, weighs 10 tons, has armor-plated body…seems like a fun car to drive, even if it’s probably horribly unpractical. All that said, I didn’t want to write about this yesterday because we weren’t certain it was true. Yes, driving an armored tank around Manhattan seemed like something JR Smith might do, but it was just one report.

Then, last night on twitter, a fan asked JR why he bought the Gurkha, and he confirmed the purchase…

Shaq and Charles Barkley Have A Bench Press Contest

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last night on “Inside the NBA,” Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal had a bench press contest in conjunction with the release of the new film Pain and Gain. The Lift Off, as it was dubbed, included two celebrity coaches: Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the stars of Pain and Gain.

In many ways, it was the classic case of the unstoppable force against the immovable object: Barkley, the undersized, powerful power forward, going up against Shaq Diesel, the strongest player of his generation, and perhaps of all-time.

Who was the strongest of them all? The answer might surprise you. Check the video below…

NY Celebs Show Love For Lin

by Micah Hart

The Jeremy Lin love train rolls on, as New York’s newest superstar has captured the world’s attention by leading the Knicks to five straight wins, and reeled in some very famous fans in the process, including Ben Stiller, The Rock, and former Knicks’ greats John Starks and Larry Johnson:

Lin continues to keep some pretty impressive company in this crazy run; his 20 points in Saturday night’s win over the Wolves catapulted him past none other than Allen Iverson for most points scored in a player’s first four starts since the NBA-ABA merger.

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