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NBA People Throwing First Pitches (Pt. 3)

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — All summer long, we’ve seen NBA players throwing out the ceremonial first pitches at baseball games. Not just major league games, and not just from active NBA players, but from NBA-related folks (coaches, retired players) all over the place.

I’ve been collecting these videos for a few months, and now we present them, all of them, in several parts, because there’s a lot to get through.

And so, here are a bunch of NBA people throwing out the first pitch at baseball games…


CP went from Houston to Dallas this offseason, but before taking the court for the Mavericks, he took the mound for the Texas Rangers and may have thrown the best NBA pitch of the summer. (As he admits, he’s a former high school baseball player.)

VIDEO: Parsons pitch

Parsons’ former teammate James Harden spent his summer in Spain with Team USA, but before leaving stopped by an Astros game (while rocking jorts) to throw a first pitch…

Tim Hardaway Jr. throws out first pitch at Mets game

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Here at the All Ball blog we’ve previous seen NBA players throw out the first pitch at baseball games, with mixed results.

So congrats to Knicks guard Tim Hardaway Jr., who threw out the first pitch at today’s Mets game. He didn’t throw a strike — just a bit high — but he did get it around the plate, which is more than you can for many.

Don’t Sleep Around JR Smith

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It’s been a rather eventful season for Knicks guard J.R. Smith, a designation that has pretty much nothing to do with his play on the court. If anything, we’ve learned that if you’re not on your toes, J.R. might untie your shoes, or pull your headband down over your eyes. And if you fall asleep around J.R., like a bunch of the Knicks players did yesterday on the team plane, leaving J.R. with nothing else to do, he might post photos of your sleeping on Instagram.

To wit, Iman Shumpert (wearing leather pants) and Tim Hardaway Jr.

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Tyson Chandler and Amaré Stoudemire (with the hat on)

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New Knicks Shannon Brown and Earl Clark

Carmelo’s 62: Players React On Twitter

By Nick Margiasso IV

Carmelo Anthony may have scored 62 on Friday night — breaking his own, the Knicks’ franchise and the Madison Square Garden points records in the process — but he also did something else. He broke the Internet … especially Twitter.

As always, folks reacted with all kinds of hot-blooded hyperbole on The Big T (not a real nickname for Twitter, but it should be), not least of which were Anthony’s NBA co-workers. Here’s a roundup of their love for Lala‘s boy:

…and some Knicks perspective…

Knicks Have New Slogan

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last season, the players from the New York Knicks started calling themselves “Knickstape.” As Iman Shumpert explains in the video below, the Knickstape was a mix of personalities, similar to a mixtape.


The whole Knickstape thing became a frequent trending topic on social media throughout the season, beloved by fans and the players.

But it appears that this season, Shumpert has a new slogan in mind, at least according to Tim Hardaway Jr

This might be a Best Thing Ever. PARTY TIME, you guys!

Rookies Hold Awesome Impromptu Dunk Contest

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I blogged earlier about the Rookie Photo Shoot we attended yesterday, and as the day wore on, it became clear that more and more of the same was awaiting us — photos to be taken, interviews to be conducted, with what looked to be like some significant standing around time in between. And then what often happens in a basketball gym when really good basketball players are hanging around started happening: Dunks and trick shots, which were luckily all captured on the NBA’s Vine account.

It began with Peyton Siva going through the legs and around the back to throw an alley-oop to Shabazz Muhammad