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LeBron and Cavaliers begin The Quest

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The NBA regular season tips off in just a few weeks, with the Cavaliers against the Bulls on TNT (Tuesday, Oct. 27, 8:00 p.m. EST). And to get people ready for the new season, TNT today dropped their new ad campaign about The Quest for a title. This first spot features LeBron James and a few of the Cavaliers (along with a special guest) as they begin their drive to return to the NBA Finals…

VIDEO: Cavs quest

Also, here’s a little behind the scenes video about how this was made, including Kyrie admitting he looked up flag-waving on YouTube…

VIDEO: Cavs Quest Behind Scenes

Before Linsanity, Jeremy Lin Couldn’t Even Win at Horse

by Micah Hart

I love this video from Jeremy Lin‘s time with the Warriors — which seems like years ago at this point but was actually just last season — when he was just a rookie and therefore had to agree to participate in silly contests against random people. Like playing a game of P-I-G against these two guys:

Yeah, Lin loses, but it seems clear he’s just horsing around (see what I did there?) with his competitors. I’d like to see them win if they had to do this.

By the way, if you have still yet to have your fill of Lin-ness, you can vote to have the cameras focus entirely on him on TNT Overtime during tonight’s Heat-Knicks game. I just checked, and he currently has 71% of the votes for the first quarter, so I like his chances of being featured. You’re already going to be watching the game anyway, might as well add this into the mix!

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