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Trevor Booker really knows his cereal

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Today is (apparently) National Cereal Day. Now, if you weren’t aware that today was such a special day, that’s fine — go eat a huge bowl of cereal and celebrate! Still, for many people, such as Jazz forward Trevor Booker, every day is National Cereal Day. As Booker says in this video from the Jazz, he grew up eating a lot of cereal. So much so that when given a blind cereal taste test, Booker…well, see for yourself…

VIDEO: Booker cereal

Trevor Booker adds broom shot to repertoire

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last season, Trevor Booker made perhaps the most amazing shot of the season, when he tipped a ball over his head and in as the shot clock was running down. It was so amazing that it spawned imitators, from other players to mascots.

Last night, Booker broke out another trick shot. When a loose ball ended up stuck behind the backboard, the only way to get it out was using a broom handle. And not only did Booker knock the ball loose, he knocked it off the shot clock and into the basket…

Who are the best and worst dressed players on the Utah Jazz?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If you’ve ever thought to yourself, Hey, I wonder which members of the Utah Jazz are the best- and worst-dressed players on the team, then have we got a video for you. The Jazz dropped two videos exploring these very questions, and it turns out that there is a consensus when it comes to best-dressed, and then when it comes to the worst-dressed players, there are some clear opinions, particularly from Derrick Favors and Dante Exum.

VIDEO: Best Dressed Jazz

VIDEO: Worst Dressed Jazz

Utah Jazz mascot challenges Trevor Booker

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Earlier this week we took a look at Trevor Booker‘s incredible buzzer-beating shot, and watched as several humans tried to recreate the shot. But we didn’t see a bear try to recreate the shot, not until now.

Here’s Utah Jazz mascot Bear not only giving The Booker a shot, but also calling out Trevor Booker and challenging him to sink one of Bear’s trademark over-the-head-from-halfcourt shots. Your move, Booker…

VIDEO: Bear Booker

Who did the best Booker?

VIDEO: Booker Shot

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The craziest shot of the season thus far in the NBA came a few days ago, when Utah took on the Oklahoma City Thunder. Utah had the ball out of bounds with 0.2 seconds on the shot clock, which is not enough time for a catch-and-shoot situation. With the Thunder defending the rim, the Jazz threw a bounce pass to the baseline, which Trevor Booker basically tapped it up and over his head and directly in the basket. Check it out in the video above.

Booker later claimed he’s been practicing this shot for years. And after seeing it go down, other people have started giving it a shot, as well. Here’s a video of the Suns trying it after practice, where TJ Warren and Zoran Dragic eventually got it to go down…

VIDEO: Suns Booker Shot

On NBA TV’s “The Starters,” the guys gave it an attempt…

VIDEO: Starters Shots

And last night on Fan Night, Chris Webber wanted to see if he could (eventually) sink the shot…

VIDEO: CWebb shot

All these attempts got us thinking…who managed to pull off the best Booker? Was anyone better than Booker himself? Let us know in the poll below…

Horry Scale: All Al

VIDEO: Horford’s Game Winner

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It’s a good thing we put the Horry Scale on wheels a few months ago, because we’ve now had to break it out two weekends in a row. Tonight, Al Horford answered his former Hawks teammate Joe Johnson’s overtime game-winner from a few weeks back with an overtime GWBB of his own.

Before we get too far into this, we should stop and explain: What is the Horry Scale? For those who are new around these parts, the Horry Scale examines a game-winning buzzer-beater (GWBB) in the categories of difficulty, game situation (was the team tied or behind at the time?), importance (playoff game or garden-variety Kings-Pistons game?) and celebration (is it over the top or too chill? Just the right panache or needs more sauce?). Then we give it an overall grade on a scale of 1-5 Robert Horrys, the patron saint of last-second daggers.

With the rules in place, Today we turn our tired eyes to my dear departed hometown, the ATL shawty, and let’s check out tonight’s game-winner from Al Horford…

I think this was supposed to be a play for Hawks sharpshooter Kyle Korver, who ran off three screens on the wing but couldn’t find room to get the ball. (A Hawks source told me they hadn’t seen the Hawks use that set all season.) With Korver covered, Horford cut toward the basket, and Hawks big man Pero Antic lobbed it high and far. Horford made a terrific play creating space by keeping Washington’s Trevor Booker an arm’s length away as he drifted back, like a wide receiver making space to catch a pass. Once he made the catch, the shot itself wasn’t all that difficult — the kind of jumper Horford hits with regularity. As a rookie, Horford was consistently left open for shots like this because he wasn’t nearly as good a shooter as he’s developed into. These days Horford is essentially money out to 17 feet — as long as he has room to get the shot off — banging in those flat-footed jumpers.

The Hawks led throughout the second half and were up by 15 in the fourth before finding themselves down two with seconds to play in regulation. Horford made two free throws with 5.5. seconds remaining in order to tie the game and prep it for overtime. When Horford hit the game-winner, the score was tied at 99 and the clock racing to zero. But the 1.8 second left when Horford made the catch gave him plenty of time to get the shot off, and just a short enough time frame to not allow the Wizards a touch once the ball went through the net. (Which also required me to write this post at 1:13 AM. Thanks Al!)

The more Horry Scale posts I’ve penned, the more GWBB I’ve examined, the more I’ve realized that when it comes to celebration, it’s not always only about the players celebrating. Yes, the Hawks players are pumped up and they respond to Horford’s shot with the requisite jumping around, but what elevates the celebration — any celebration, really — is the participation of those uninvolved with the actual game. In this case, I loved seeing Harry the Hawk sprinting down the court to get involved, and in a few camera angles you see several fans along the sideline leaping up and down.

The more I think about these GWBB, I’m not sure how I would ever give a game-winning shot a one or two rating. These are big moments, big shots, and I don’t feel like we can rate anyone’s big shot as less than average. That said, I’m going with three on this shot. It wasn’t much of a shot from a technical standpoint, but the celebration helps, as does the game being in overtime. So I say three.


What say you? How many Horrys would you give Al Horford’s game-winning buzzer beater?

The Washington Wizards Love Cereal

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Washington Wizards are one of the League’s most intriguing teams, a mixture of promising young talent and veteran leadership. And when a team is in a situation like this, it usually generates more questions than answers: Will the young guys live up to their potential? Will the role players be able to provide the intangibles a Playoff team needs?

But perhaps the most pressing question that the Wizards have answered thus far is this: What are we eating for breakfast? Because from the looks of things, where breakfast is involved, the Washington Wizards really love cereal.

The Washington Post‘s great Dan Steinberg put in some work around the Wizards locker room investigating the links between cereal and the Wizards after noticing circumstantial evidence on social media, from Martell Webster‘s love for Cap’n Crunch…

…to Chris Singleton‘s frequent rhetorical cereal-related queries…

As it turns out, Trevor Booker is probably the most prolific cereal consumer on the Wizards, eating “up to 21 bowls a week.” And because Steinberg knew we’d all be curious about this, he drilled deep for details on favorite brands…

“Top 5: Frosted Flakes No. 1, Apple Jacks, Cocoa Pebbles, Fruity Pebbles and then Honey Nut Cheerios on the health side,” Singleton said.

“I like Honeycomb, I like Froot Loops,” Ariza said. “Froot Loops is the bomb. I like Fruity Pebbles. Let me think. Cap’n Crunch, the Crunch Berries. Crunch Berries are unbelievable, except they tear up the roof of my mouth.”

“Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Corn Flakes, Frosted Mini-Wheats — those are my top three,” Booker said. “I just go in my pantry and just go down the line, see which one I’ve got a taste for.”

We are all the Washington Wizards.

(via DC Sports Blog)