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The Highest Basketball Shot Ever

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — So I got an email from the guys at How Ridiculous, a group from Australia who travel the world making trick shot videos. According to them, “How Ridiculous are passionate about sports, trick shots and making a difference and partner with not-profit organization Compassion Australia to see children released from extreme poverty all over the world. They have been making incredible trick shot videos since 2009 and according to the group, the best is yet to come.”

It will be hard for them to top their latest feat: Making the world’s highest basketball shot. These guys held the world record when they made a shot from 67 meters high (about 220 feet). For this one, they went to Rotterdam, to the top of the Euromast Tower, to attempt a shot from 98 meters (about 320 feet). After 62 attempts, they finally got one to go.

I’m just glad they didn’t have anyone down there trying to grab the rebound…

A Trick Shot Video To Get You To Memorial Day

by Micah Hart

Memorial Day weekend is a great time for leisurely pursuits, like grilling out on the barbecue or throwing a frisbee in the park. Or you can work on your trick shot skills to compete with our latest entrant, Boston-area high school football player Nick DiChiara. The weapon of choice this time? The long snap. You don’t often see many long-snapping trick shot videos, but maybe this is just the video to tip the scales and get people interested:

DiChiara is heading to Colgate, where he is sure to shore up the Big Red’s punting unit come football season this fall.

H/T Sports Grid

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A Helicopter Shot In Honor Of March Madness

by Micah Hart

Last week, I put it out to Dude Perfect and other trick-shot enthusiasts that I want to see a skydive trick shot. Did someone finally answer the call?

Ok, no. But someone did go up in a helicopter:

Is there any chance these guys don’t know someone with helicopter access? I’d hate to think they spent money on renting one just for that. Well done nonetheless.

H/T Sports Grid

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The battle has only just begun

posted by Micah Hart

I have a feeling this will be far from the last time we link to one of these. Recently the trick shot group Dude Perfect saw their alleged record for the longest basketball shot eclipsed by the guys from The Legendary Shots.

You knew Dude Perfect wasn’t going to take this lying down. Witness:

I’m still waiting for someone to combine a love of trick shot artistry with a capella singing – I think that’s the logical next step.