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NBA Pokemon

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We’ve seen several NBA memes bubble up on Twitter this summer, from NBA Superheroes to NBA Movies. Yesterday another one developed, though I must confess, I am at a loss to explain this one to you. This topic was NBA Pokemon, a reference to what I’m pretty sure was a video game that became a cartoon show that became a trading card series? Or something along those lines.

The Phoenix Suns were apparently on the same page as me…

Whatever it is, I’m just old enough that I missed out on Pokemon, so to me these are just a bunch of odd cartoons that are NBA related. Either way, these were big on Twitter yesterday, so I present them to you thusly…


NBA Cartoons

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We’ve seen several NBA-related memes crop up on Twitter this summer, from NBA Movies to NBA Musicians.

Another NBA hashtag party broke out yesterday, this time themed around NBA cartoons. Here are some of our favorites…


NBA Movies

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It has been the summer of NBA Twitter. After the fun of NBA Musicians and NBA Superheroes, the NBA teams (and some NBA fans) returned yesterday to give their takes on NBA Movies…


NBA Superheroes

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last week on Twitter, “NBA Musicians” became a trending topic that people had a lot of fun with. Today, in a similar vein, “NBA Superheroes” started trending on Twitter, eventually becoming the number one trending topic worldwide. Here are some of our favorites…


NBA Musicians

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Finals are over. The draft is over. Most of the free agents have agreed to terms. Summer League is over.

And now, before the FIBA Basketball World Cup gets going in September, we have a little bit of NBA down time. Which doesn’t mean the NBA talk stops — instead, it just takes a turn toward the…strange.

For instance, last night on Twitter, somehow the hashtag #NBAmusicians started trending. What was this hashtag? Basically, people took NBA player’s names and mashed them up with band names. And it’s still going this morning!

How did all this start? That’s not important. What’s important is that it did start, and then the Twitter accounts of actual NBA teams started playing along, and next thing you know you’ve got a trending topic. Here are some of the greatest hits…


What They’re Saying: July 4th

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Here in the United States, July 4 is observed as our Independence Day. Let’s check in with some of the NBA’s best to see how they’re celebrating…

Posterizing: The Next Big Thing?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER – If you know basketball, you know posterizing. For those of you who are unaware, the term basically refers to the phenomenon of a person getting dunked on. And at least back in the ’80s, when people had things like posters and stores like Spencer Gifts flourished, these dunking occurances would frequently become memorialized on a poster.

Fast forward to today, and it only makes sense that dunks now live in perpetuity online. Thanks to some creative students out there somewhere in Internet-land, by using posterizing as a “thing,” we might have just found the next great viral internet movement, this time with basketball as the fulcrum.

This gif came across Twitter’s radar late Saturday night, when user Scrimsurlalune tweeted…

It immediately got a lot of notice. For good reason, because there is a lot to notice. A few things I’d like to bring to your immediate attention…

1. The general timing required to pull off this whole endeavor is impressive — the dude with the trash can has to emerge and hold the can up at proper height, just as the dunker runs in and fires the ball off the wall.

2. The big dude strolling through carrying the t-shirt seems transfixed to be witnessing this, just as I would probably be.

3. Nice lefty windmill, bro.

4. After watching this about a dozen times, I wondered if these kids got into any trouble for doing this in school. And then I saw the security guard standing in the back on the right, watching the entire thing take place.


This could easily become…something. And remember — if you get posterized, handle the aftermath with humor…

Roy Hibbert and David Lee Don’t Like Each Other, Are OK With That

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER – Pacers center Roy Hibbert had a pretty good day yesterday. His team throttled the Atlanta Hawks in their playoff opener, 107-90, and Hibbert finished with 16 points and eight rebounds.

Meanwhile, yesterday Warriors forward David Lee had a no-good, very bad day. Less than 24 hours after the Warriors lost their first game, 97-95, on a last-second shot from Andre Miller, it was announced that Lee would miss the rest of the postseason after suffering a complete tear of his hip flexor.

And although these two men are obviously competitors, at heart they are both gentlemen, as we saw from their honest and blunt interaction on Twitter earlier today. (Get well soon, D-Lee!)

Injury only increases amazingness of MWP’s Twitter feed

By Nick Margiasso IV

You already follow Metta World Peace on Twitter because, well, it’s the perfect Twitter account. Hilarious posts; real opinions; random party invites; even some useful info … sometimes. It’s got it all.

But the infamous Laker’s recent unfortunate left knee injury has really cranked up the pomp and pace of his social media life. Sorry about the bum leg, Metta, but thanks for the tweets.

A sampling:

Follow Metta World Peace on twitter at his handle, @mettaworldpeace

Connect With Kobe … Finally

By Nick Margiasso

Well, it’s been two weeks since the great Kobe Bryant became seemingly the last major NBA star to join Twitter (c’mon, Tim Duncan‘s too old people). Two weeks is about the true test of time for anything: it’s how long you need to decide to fire your coach, how long it takes for a new one to put your team in the tank and, of course, to know whether or not your Twitter account is successful. Here are some of the gems so far, separated, for your viewing ease, by helpful hashtags. You’re welcome.