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Uncle Drew celebrates Cleveland Cavaliers championship

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Through the years, Cleveland guard Kyrie Irving has made numerous appearances as his alter ego Uncle Drew, a mysterious elderly man who dominates out on the basketball court against “youngbloods.” And with Irving and the Cavaliers winning an NBA title two weeks ago, Uncle Drew emerges in this new spot from Pepsi to congratulate Kyrie on getting the ultimate bucket…

Kyrie Irving is back as Uncle Drew

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving has starred in several of these commercials for Pepsi in which he portrays Uncle Drew, a fictional elderly streetball legend. As in previous iterations, in this newest spot, set in Miami. Irving is surrounded by several celebrities and athletes in heavy makeup, such as Ray Allen as his trash-talking adversary Skinny Walt, and Baron Davis and J.B. Smoove as his domino-playing buddies.

VIDEO: Uncle Drew Part 4

Kyrie Irving Returns As Uncle Drew

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Pepsi and Cleveland guard Kyrie Irving have been teaming up for a while now to produce videos in which Irving stars as Uncle Drew, an old soul who comes alive on the court and, more than anything, understands how to get buckets.

With the new NBA season very nearly upon us, it was only fitting that Uncle Drew also makes a return appearance…alongside a couple of perhaps familiar faces…

Kyrie Irving Breaks Out Uncle Drew Moves

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Just a few days ago, Pepsi released a teaser video tipping us off that Cleveland G Kyrie Irving‘s alter ego, Uncle Drew, would soon be making a return appearance.

But apparently the Philadelphia 76ers didn’t get the memo, because last night Irving broke out crossover dribbles on consecutive plays that were dazzling enough to make even old heads spin.