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Kobe Bryant went to Waffle House

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I have to make something of a confession: I love Waffle House. Admittedly, this isn’t much of a bombshell — I’ve been pretty vocal and public about my love for all things Waffle House in the past. I’ve lived in New York City for 15 years now, but I spent the first two decades of my life in Atlanta, the home of Waffle House, and eating at Waffle House is one of the things I miss the most about living down South.

The reason I bring all this up is because over the weekend, the Kobe Bryant farewell tour made a stop in Atlanta to take on the Hawks. And after the game, apparently Kobe and his wife wanted to sample the finest delicacies Atlanta had to offer. So they went where else? Waffle House.

Stop it, Dwight Howard … you’re making us hungry

By Jeff Case

According to the Waffle House website, the breakfast-focused restaurant got its start on Labor Day of 1955 in the Atlanta suburb of Avondale Estates. Since then, the restaurant has grown into a national chain known for, of course, waffles, and other a.m. fare.

Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard, an Atlanta native, detailed in an interview with’s Ken Berger two years ago how, in an effort to revamp his diet, eliminated almost all grain products from his diet.

Q: Did you also eliminate a lot of grain products – pasta, bread and stuff?

A: Oh, no bread.

Q: You don’t eat bread at all?

A: No bread. Pasta maybe once or twice a week. I don’t eat a lot of steak, so it’s fish and chicken and stuff like that. I had to relearn how to eat on game days, and for a minute it took a while to get used to. They would tell us that we would have to eat at lunch and don’t eat until after the game. So that’s like a long break from 12 o’clock to not eating until after the game. That’s when we found out that almonds were a good way to burn fat and they really help you in games when you have those almonds. I couldn’t eat as much as I wanted to, and I hated that.

Well, it’s the offseason and we’re all allowed to cheat a little bit on our diets, right? Howard posted photos of himself on Instagram demolishing not one, but TWO, breakfasts at Waffle House …

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