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Do not ask Dick Bavetta for a little help

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — During last night’s game between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Pacers’ bench players, Bucks center Zaza Pachulia ended up hitting the floor. When long-serving ref Dick Bavetta walked past to make the call, Zaza asked for a little help getting up off the floor. And as you can see in the Vine below, that help was not forthcoming…

The long-named rookie strikes again

In L.A., Giannis Antetokounmpo recorded another highlight in the land of highlights.

In L.A., Giannis Antetokounmpo recorded another highlight in the land of highlights.

Giannis, Giannis, Giannis. Throughout the Bucks’ seasonal march toward futility, the 19-year-old neophyte from Greece has kept the league us drooling over his youth, coachable mien and propensity for otherworldly hardwood feats.

His chasedown swat and Statue of Liberty yam against the Celtics earlier this season has been firmly ensconced on the Top Plays Theatre. Monday night in the land of the lobs, his springs and hustle decided to grace us again.

Once he got the block, you knew what he was going for. Fortunately, Zaza Pachulia knew what time it was and fed the young buck on cue:

VIDEO: Giannis Antetokounmpo gets busy on both ends

Zaza Pachulia To Buy Bucks Old Court


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — When I was a kid going to Atlanta Hawks games, one year the Hawks announced they would be installing a new, state-of-the-art (at the time) scoreboard. My obvious question was, What would they do with the old scoreboard? Would they throw it away? If it was outdated, what good was it?

A few weeks back we talked about how the Milwaukee Bucks were getting a new basketball court this season, complete with a cool retro design (as pictured above). Since then, there have been a few problems — they installed the new court and nobody could stay upright on it, so much so that a preseason game was canceled. So until they get the grip issues figured out, they’re sticking with the old court.

But once the old court is finally retired, what will the Bucks do with the court? My main man Zach Lowe at Grantland discovered something cool in the works: Bucks center Zaza Pachulia is trying to buy the court to donate to a basketball school back in his native Georgia. As Lowe details…

Pachulia plans to donate the old floor to the basketball academy Martve, in Tbilisi, Georgia, where Pachulia learned the game as a kid. (Toko Shengelia of the Nets also played there growing up.) Pachulia began playing there about 20 years ago, and when he went back last summer to conduct a youth clinic, he was surprised to find the same floor, he says. “It’s in really bad shape,” says Pachulia, who hasn’t yet told the school he will be supplying a new floor at some point.

And as Zaza adds…

“This is my dream,” Pachulia says. “I want to make this happen. It would be really exciting for me, and for the kids in Georgia, to have a chance to play on an NBA floor. So many superstars have played on that court, from the Bucks and other teams.”

Best of luck to Zaza. And just another example of why Zaza is one of the best people in the NBA.

Giannis Antetokounmpo Will Teach You How To Dougie

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — On this week’s episode of the Hang Time Podcast, we were joined by veteran Bucks forward Caron Butler. Among other things, I asked Caron about Bucks rookie Giannis Antetokounmpo. More specifically, How do you pronounce his last name? Butler’s response: He didn’t know. “I just call him rook,” Butler said. While we learn how to pronounce Antetokounmpo, Giannis is becoming a bit of an internet favorite. His latest hit: An Instagram video via by my main man Zaza Pachulia in which Giannis teaches us how to Dougie …

@giannis_adeto Rookie with dougie. What you all think? 👍?👎?

A video posted by Zaza Pachulia (@zazapachulia) on

(via HP)

The Season In Flopping

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER – Much has been made the last few years about flopping. The NBA’s full definition of a flop is here, but, loosely defined, flopping is when a player embellishes his movement in the hopes of influencing a call from a referee.

It is hard to make a blanket statement here, but for the most part, flopping is a bad thing. (It is hard for me to be completely objecting about this topic mostly because flopping was the part of the game I excelled at when I played in high school.) At its core, flopping is designed to trick the officials into giving you an unfair advantage.

The NBA recently announced that those caught flopping during the playoffs will be subject to a series of escalating fines designed to discourage this sort of behavior.

But perhaps the best way to publicly shame the floppers? Videos like the one below from Slate, set to appropriately dramatic music, highlighting the most egregious flops of the 2012-13 NBA season…

Tough Luck There, Zaza (Video)

By Jeff Case


You gotta feel a little bad for Zaza Pachulia last night … sure he finished with seven points and nine boards in Atlanta’s 86-80 win against Orlando. Pachulia, you see, is 0-for-16 lifetime from 3-point range (and 0-for-17 if you include the playoffs). Yet there the Hawks were at the end of the third quarter, inbounding the ball with 1.2 seconds left. Josh Smith passes to Pachulia. He takes one dribble and then heaves the ball from a little bit longer than halfcout. It sails through the air and … swish!

Too bad it came well after the buzzer.

Looks like ol’ Pachulia will have to stick to his role as unofficial playoff hype man and offseason scholar and forget about joining the ranks of the Hawks’ 3-point specialists.

Zaza Pachulia Extends A Foot For Udonis Haslem

by Zettler Clay IV

The Heat came to Atlanta Friday night for a friendly regular season matchup. Well, nix “friendly” from the vocabularies of Zaza Pachulia and Udonis Haslem for this one:

Pretty hilarious. Haslem was probably too annoyed at the constant activity of Pachulia to help him up. Or he just doesn’t like him. Or he is a hyper-competitive forward who has survived in this league longer than many thought he would (Haslem was undrafted out of the University of Florida).

Either way, this is par for the course for Zaza, which can only bring a smile to the face of any Hawks fan.

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Zaza Pachulia Takes Classes At Harvard

by Micah Hart

The Hawks’ Zaza Pachulia has long been one of the NBA’s most engaged entrepreneurs outside of his basketball day job. While some athletes sadly end up in dire straits once their careers are over, Pachulia seems determined to set himself up for success once he finally hangs ‘em up.

With that in mind, Zaza has spent parts of the last four offseasons taking executive business courses, for example at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business. This summer he stepped it up a notch, joining the future Zuckerbergs of the world at Harvard for a three-day business seminar, as he recently detailed for

I like to picture Zaza at Harvard, hanging out with the bad guys from Good Will Hunting, playing the enforcer and causing that scene to play out much differently than it did in the movie (slight language).

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Zaza Pachulia can throw a Volkswagen a whole half block

by Micah Hart

Many players do various kinds of cross-training in the offseason to prep themselves for the coming year. From running hills, to doing ballet or yoga, to dance battling against tween pop stars, a lot of players look for ways to prepare for the season without necessarily playing basketball 24/7, 365. Count Hawks C Zaza Pachulia as one of those players looking to mix things up, as he decided to, well, mix things up this summer as a way of keeping in shape.

My sources confirm to me that part of Zaza’s regimen includes training 20 hours a day, lifting big ole’ cars and big bales of hay.

Of course Hawks fans out there shouldn’t be surprised to see Pachulia practicing the sweet science, as he is generally considered to be the most Rocky-esque player on the team:

Zaza Pachulia is rough like a freight train and smooth like ice, and you know what? Wait up, I think there is a certain former boxer he might beat.

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